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PODCAST 139: Evil Dead 2 & Army of Darkness [Ash Wednesday Edition]

This week Forest & Cory celebrate Ash Wednesday by reviewing the 2 remaining Evil Dead films. Forest shares his love for Evil Dead 2 and Cory steps into the world of fantasy with Army of Darkness.

The Horror Duo also chat about seeing Cannibal! the Musical at the local Erie Movie House. Cory reviews Malibu Express for Simplistic Reviews in celebration of Andy Sidaris Appreciation Day [February 20th]. All this and they bitch about the "Hoth" like winter chill that is punishing the north eastern states.






Amazing Spider-Man #256-258, Spider-Man wares a paper bag on his head as he endures a superhero walk of shame.




imbatman8472 said...

hay guys are you blocking me or what? my comments aren't showing up when im not signed in on YouTube

Gex said...

I actually preferred the Theatrical cut of Army of Darkness compared to the Director's Cut. The Director's Cut tried to keep more of an Evil Dead 2 feel, while as the theatrical cut fully embraced the goofiness and became more comedy than horror, which I liked. Plus I like the theatrical ending more, because it's an overall more lighthearted ridiculous movie.

Kung Fury may have the greatest film trailer ever made, but I have found something that has the greatest game trailer ever made. It's the most awesome blood splattering head exploding pussy sealing metal ball clanking manhood growing masculine testosterone filled thing ever made. Strafe, from 1996. It's rad, it's awesome, it's balls to the wall retro. And it is absolutely not, under any circumstances, safe for children.

Matthew Stewart said...

Speaking of good movie commentaries, I'd throw in "Anchorman" where Adam McKay and Will Ferrell have a "scat-off" with Lou Rawls amongst other hijinks. And while it isn't "Cannibal: The Musical" the commentary for "Eurotrip" does something similar where the crew turns the commentary into a drinking game and they are blitzed by the end of the film.

Other than that, I love "Army of Darkness" probably because I saw it before either "Evil Dead 1 & 2," the slapsticky-ness worked for me.

Kenny Teeology said...

Have you guys seen Equinox (1970)? It's co-directed by up-and-coming visual effects master Dennis Muren and is a definite influence on Sam Raimi's Evil Dead movies. Four kids go up to a cabin in the mountains, find an evil book, and all hell breaks loose.