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PODCAST 140: Showgirls & Zombies Vs Strippers [Striptease Edition]

This week Forest attempts to defend the undefendable while wagging his finger at the Golden Raspberry Awards by reviewing Showgirls. Cory will stay grounded in the horror genre by sharing his thoughts on Zombies Vs Strippers.

The Horror Duo also chat about WWE PPVs, Cory dives into the world of fantasy by watching Krull among others and Forest is excited to see Fifty Shades of Grey. All this and is Vince McMahon use Photoshop?









Marc said...

Cool podcast, as always.

Did you know that Elimination Chamber isn't called Elimination Chamber in Germany? Apparently, elimination in a chamber is not ok here (it was called No Escape or No Way Out when that wasn't a PPV by itself).

Hearing Forest talking about Showgirls reminded me of Sucker Punch, another aweful movie which tried something bigger, but failed spectacularly at being a "good" movie.
If you want to hear that explained, search for "You are wrong about Sucker Punch" Part I and II on youtube.

'Till next week, hopefully with some comments on the weirdly titled Fastlane as well as entertaining movies

Gex said...

What the flying titty-fuck Forest!? On a podcast called Slaughterfilm, a podcast dedicated to slasher/horror/monster/action/disturbing films, you decide to review Showgirls? I can understand The Brave Frog because that's a fucked up kids movie, but fucking Showgirls? Do you understand what this means? Now when it comes to Netflix movie nights and other podcast shows, listeners can recommend whatever fucking movie they feel like for you and Cory to talk/bitch about, whether it's Suspiria or Mama Mia.

That said, I decided to watch Showgirls before listening to this episode of the podcast, and I have to admit, I kinda liked the movie, enough to give it a 3 star review on letterboxd.

Well on the bright side, it looks like you guys are stuck in an unintentional rape streak with your podcasts, like what happened the last time you did a podcast on a movie infamous for a rape scene. You end up talking about one movie that has at least 1 rape scene in it. I'm curious to see how long the streak goes this time around.

And speaking of movie recommendations, despite what I said earlier, I'm sticking with films I think are suited to the podcast. For now. How about Straw Dogs? Keep the streak going.