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PODCAST 142: Rats & Smash Cut

This week Forest takes on another infamous Bruno Mattei film, Rats: Night of Terror. Cory follows up his stripper series with another flick starring a porn star, Smash Cut.

The gang also chat about watching Akira in front of a live studio audience, what a gritty real Power Rangers movie should REALLY be and Cory gets the three Jason Vs Leatherface comic books for a fraction of what they cost. All this and TMNT porn!









Gex said...

Finally, a trivia question I know the answer to without having to google it. Robowar.

Speaking of googling it, you know how sometimes you try to find a movie that is legitimately scary, that terrifies you to your bones, and doesn't rely on cheap tactics like jump scares (which to be honest aren't really terrifying per se)? I have watched 2 films recently that did that to me, and yet they aren't horror films, and aren't officially considered to be thrillers either. Citizenfour. Christ almighty, if there was ever a documentary out there that will up your paranoia level by a power of two, that would be the one. If you have no idea what that is, it's the documentary film where the crew interviews Edward Snowden during the days he begins to release the bombshells about the NSA, and the events that followed afterwards up until recently. It may be a documentary, but it's filmed like a thriller, assuming the subject matter wasn't enough to unsettle you. The other film is Still Alice. If you don't know about that one, it's about a woman's slow loss of self due to Alzheimer's disease. It's every bit as sad as it is scary.

But on a darker note, you know they're shitty, but your still going to review the Leprechaun films? Don't get me wrong, it's fun to hear you two talk about films that made you suffer, but come on, this is just getting sad and depressing, and I'm already sad and depressed after watching the above mentioned films. You guys should have an animated day. I can recommend 3 Batman films you haven't reviewed yet, 3 Batman films that are honest to God awesome and better than the majority of the live action versions.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Batman: Under the Red Hood
Batman: Assault on Arkham

And I know I know, long ass post. Sorry.

Kenny Teeology said...

Speaking of over-the-top Power Rangers type action, I think back to Godzilla: Final Wars (which you guys reviewed).

Rose Maria said...

Is it possible to learn how to dance Hip Hop without going to classes?
Play To Win (Teaser Trailer)