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WRITTEN REVIEW: From Asia With Lust: Volume One

If you follow the weekly podcasts of Slaughter Film you'll know we are already notorious for reviewing films involving rape. So it only makes sense that we would dive into Troma's newly released rape and revenge double feature From Asia With Lust Volume One, which showcases the films Camp and Hitch-Hike from Japanese filmmaker Ainosuke Shibata. Both of which star adult film actress Miyuki Yokoyama. So whether you want it or not, here it comes!

This film begins with a couple on a road trip to visit family. Yokoyama plays the wife of an overbearing and sexually abusive man who drinks too much, gropes her in public and even forces her to have sex in public where others can see.

Along the way the couple take in a hitch-hiker who seems like an innocent fisherman who is separated from his party. Soon the couple learns that the man is actually a sadistic psychopath who is on the run from the police for he recently robbed a bank. He now controls the couple at gun point as they are forced to humor him and his perversions. One perversion in particular involves sewing the nipples of the women he has rapes and killed onto his body as trophies.

Along the way several people try to help the couple but the “fisherman” overtakes them all. In the end the killer and Yokoyama's husband are fighting each other to the death, when she is able to take advantage of this moment and shooting the killer with his own gun.

The film ends with Yokoyama's character leaves the dead man and her asshole husband behind as she takes the money and runs.

This film begins with a pair of sisters on their way to visit family when the older sister, Yokoyama, crashes her car. The sisters head into the near by forest looking for help or at least a place to stay the night. Here they meet three young men who are staying in a cabin. They are more than helpful as they welcome the women in and offer them food and shelter for the night.

Soon the three men are joined by another two and their real intentions become apparent. The five men are fetishistic rapists who are from the nearby defunct mental hospital. They are all children of affluent politicians who sent them to stay at the hospital to hide their perverted nature from the public. Each of the men has a particular morbid fetish that is represented by their nick names. A few of which are Necro, Pyro and Copro.

As time goes on the younger sister dies and the older sister manages to escape. Just as the deranged gang are closing in, Yokoyama is rescued by a bow wielding heroine. This woman was a nurse in the hospital who vowed to bring an end to the crazies. The nurse takes in our lonely sister and trains her for revenge.

By the end of the film, Yokoyama's character becomes a man-eating killer who has grown a taste for blood much like her captors.

Neither of these films are exactly rape and revenge films in the traditional sense, but calling these films rape and revenge isn't a real stretch of the imagination.

Hitch-Hike is pretty good and is a remake of the '77 film of the same name starring Franko Nero and David Hess, It's more of a thriller at heart with a light dusting of kung fu and “Asian strange”.

Camp is the more interesting of the two and better made. Again breaking away from the tradition of rape and revenge to do something a little more perverted. Asian horror never seems to disappoint.

This film is a better film than it lets on for the way it's layers are peeled away like an onion. From the start it seems rather mediocre, but by the end I found something that I could sink my teeth into. There is conspiracy, revenge, empowerment of the victim and a reveal that one of the sickos isn't quite what he seems.

The perverts themselves stand out against the baddies in other similar films. While it's hard to watch them do terrible things, like eating poopy, I couldn't look away. I think part of the appeal is trying to understand why these guys are they way they are and figuring out what they're going to do next.

These films aren't your average rape and revenge fare and defiantly for those of you who are looking for something a little different.

As for this Troma release, it's pretty bare bones by Troma standards with only the films and their trailers packaged together on one disc. Not even the standard The Toxic Avenger trailer or Radiation March are included. That's okay. I'm sure Troma fans have that same stuff on ten other Troma DVDs.

I hope Troma is able to continue the From Asia With Lust series with a volume two. Films like these are always a treat and get little attention in the states. Especially from indie filmmakers. Imagine if Troma distributes the next Tokyo Gore Police or Imprint. If that ever happens, I'm all in!

Hitch-Hike & Camp

★ ★ ★