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PODCAST 145: Mac and Me & Galaxina [April Fool's Edition]

This week the horror duo transform Slaughter Film into Laughter Film for April Fool's Day. Forest reviews Mac & Me -- one of the worst films ever, and Cory shares his thoughts on the sci-fi comedy Galaxina, starring Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten.

Forest also recounts sneaking into Fifty Shades of Grey. Don't worry he also snuck in liquor. Cory talks about the new John Carpenter album Lost Themes, the VHS documentary Rewind This! and cooking "Macho King" chilli to devour during WrestleMania 2015.








Gex said...

Not that I'm encouraging cocksucking spam to show up in the comments section, but you guys should address them more often, because that was hilarious.

The general hatred Michael Bay is receiving is just getting flat out ridiculous and unreasonable at this point (I saw another review of guys trashing Transformers 4). People aren't just bashing him for the films he's directed, but also for the stuff he's produced. I think taking a look at the show Black Sails ought to be good enough to make those haters shut the fuck up. Without Bay, the production values wouldn't be as high and the show wouldn't look as good as it currently does, and it looks pretty damn good, on par with Game of Thrones good at times. Production values aside, I find this series to be better than Game of Thrones.

I'm basically praising the show because I'm still pumped up about the awesomeness of the season 2 finale.

Matt from MN said...

My dreams were haunted by the scene where Mac is flattened across the windshield. It echoed a similar scene in Harry & The Hendersons where the bigfoot looks down from the car roof and scares John Lithgow's family. Definitely a movie that isn't as good as the younger you remembers it.

We did have the best morning cartoons in the 90's. Every Saturday I'd get up early like it was Christmas, so I could catch Ninja Turtles and Battletech. I know 90's nostalgia is overblown right now, but that's mainly by kids born in 1990 or later and they sure don't count. Our kids shows were simply the best. Hell, we even had George Carlin in Thomas the Tank Engine.

Lee Russell said...

"Mac and Me". I think this goes beyond an April Fool's prank into full-on hate crime territory. Anyway, I also have been enjoying the audio boners "Lost Themes" has been giving me since I bought it in Feb via pre-order. I find myself listening to the tracks and thinking of how the various different segments in them, or just the overall tracks themselves, would fit in a film. I hope Carpenter does another album.