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PODCAST 146: It Follows & Bunnyman Massacre

This week Forest takes a trip to the theater to see It Follows while Cory watches something festive for the Easter holiday, Bunnyman Massacre.

The Horror-duo also chat about Rabid Grannies and the 2015 WrestleMania which involved Ronda Rousey, nWo and Terminators. Best WrestleMania ever! They also chat about drinkin' gallons of beer while hangin' at a local metal show (Amongst the Thorns).









Matt from MN said...

"It Follows" sounds like a good movie, though I would've recommended the alternate title "It Comes." Haw-haw-haw.

The last temptation of Christ was the opportunity to escape crucifixion and live life as a normal man. In 2004 I saw The Passion of the Christ for a theology class; still haven't gotten over that one.

Lee Russell said...

Hope to check out "It Follows" soon. Sounds good. The weird thing about the Cena vs Rusev feud is how Cena really comes off as the heel, and not just because everyone already hates his ass. Rusev is essentially the American dream: he came to the USA, looking to better himself, and to express his right to freedom of speech, which includes being critical of America. Cena's essentially saying "America: love it or leave it", like some right-wing bigot. Fuck you, Cena. I WANT the Russian to win because he's in the right here.

Gex said...

A thought just occurred to me. Why is it that Forest reviewed all the shitty Leprechaun films, and Cory reviewed all the less shitty ones?

Killer bunnies. I'm surprised you guys didn't mention Night of the Lepus. Come on, you can't leave out the greatest giant killer rabbit movie of all time. Or that Monty Python and the Holy Grail film.

Last Temptation of Christ. Jesus' temptation was letting go of his responsibility and leading a normal life with his love.