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PODCAST 148: Unfriended & Digging Up the Marrow

This week Forest willingly drove to the theater and paid good money just to see Unfriended [spoilers from 35:00 to 37:50]. Why? Because he wanted to save you the trouble. What a good friend he is. Cory covers another recently released flick. Adam Green's most recent feature, Digging Up the Marrow.

Forest laments the purchasing of pricy out of print Criterion films, Cory "brags" about picking up the WWF's Wrestling Album at Record Store Day, and Cory watches the new Netflix Daredevil series, and boy did he enjoy it. Speaking of daredevils, the Horror-Duo caught the country/punk Whiskey Daredevils at a local watering hole. Good stuff!






This may be the real life story that inspired "Unfriended".




Marc said...

A lot of the Unfriended budget probably went to licensing of Facebook, Google, Youtube and Skype.

Marrow sounds like a fun movie, I'll have to find that somewhere.

If Forest is doing Bad Taste, why not make a Peter Jackson episode? Braindead or Meet the Feebles surely qualify for your motto, right?

Lee Russell said...

I tried to watch "The Marrow" after listening to this, but was both drunk and tired, so I fell asleep half-way through and then woke up to see Adam Green get woken up by a shaky cam. My impression was that this film is essentially "Night Breed" meets "The Blair Witch Project". Ray Wise was great. The monsters were kinda sucky however. Meh. Probably better than "Unfriended".

Gex said...

I hear you on Criterion Forest. I was fucking pissed when I found out I missed the opportunity to get the Criterion Blu-ray edition of The Third Man. Sure a new edition is out by a different quality, but it has less special features and inferior video quality.

Anyway, Avengers aside, any movies you guys are looking forward to this year? I'm all for Mad Max: Fury Road.