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PODCAST 149: Bad Taste & Bad Milo [Just Plain Bad Edition]

This week the Horror Duo take a trip to the wrong side of the tracks, where they join a gang, beat-up old people, sneak into the movies and other bad things as they review Bad Taste and Bad Milo.

They also welcome a friend from outta town with beer, wrestling, arcades and watching Meteor Man...for some reason. All this and they discuss what films they are looking forward to see in 2015.









Gex said...

Hey guys, guess what? I saw the premiere of Harbinger Down at The Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles, California. I won't say if it's good or bad or mediocre (except on letterboxd), because considering you guys convinced me to back this film on Kickstarter, but you ended up not backing it yourselves, I'd say it's mandatory that you see it ASAP and do a podcast on it.

But I will say this. It delivered what it promised, in that it has cool practical effects for the monsters that doesn't rely on CGI like other half-assed monster flicks we get nowadays. And that's the reason why I supported the film in the first place. It was a way of telling those other modern day monster films to take their pussified CGI lips and suck on the massive erect practical effect tentacle dicks of films like these that give a damn 'till they blow that hand-brewed white liquid out their fat bloated computer-made digital asses. In a nutshell, the majority of modern horror films are corporate cocksuckers that take the easy way out, unlike this film.

PS: Oh yeah, and I got to meet the director, Lance Henriksen, and other cast and crew members while I was there.

Gex said...

PPS: And speaking of cocksuckers, some Scientologists gave me a personality test, because apparently they have a building about a block away from this particular movie theater, and I had over an hour to spare. They had two young women in suits convincing people to come in from off the streets to give it a try. They got me to answer a 200 question sheet (made like a multiple choice SAT test from High School), and measured my "spiritual energy" with these cheap metallic cylinders (wired to a computer) that I held onto.

Don't worry, I'm in no danger of being converted, especially not after seeing that HBO documentary. Figured I mine as well as see what their recruitment style was like while I was there. In the end, it was all to point out the "flaws" in my character, convince me that they could help, and attempt to get me to buy their shitty volcano cover books.

But, yeah, that happened.

Matt from MN said...

Gex, all the Slaughter Film fans will light a candle for you as Tom Cruise and L Ron Hubbard take you to meet Xenu. We all hope you shout "I'm coming to get you bastards" like Derek in the movie.

Jurassic Park seemed to be the transition film for practical effects versus CGI. That may be why 80's sci-fi and horror films continue to be recognized, while the 90's CGI trend gets dismissed. It's hard to compare effects in films like The Thing to scenes in 90's movies that look like computer game cutscenes and screen savers. Just because you "can" use CGI, doesn't mean you "should."