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PODCAST 150: Nightmare on Elm Street 2 & Nightmare On Elm Street [Nightmare Day Edition]

This week, Forest & Cory celebrate their 150th podcast with a spiffy new intro & also Nightmare Day! And there is no better way to celebrate the films of Freddy Krueger that by reviewing A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and the 2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

The Horror Duo also discuss Free Comic Book Day which premiered the Fight Club sequel in comic form. Forest shares his thought on the soon to come Blade Runner sequel. Cory recounts tales of being drunk and demanding copious amounts of food after seeing The Blind Owl Band preform. Forest saw White God -- a film about a K9 uprising, and Slaughter Film has breaking news about the new Star Wars film. It's going to be found footage.









babycakes said...

So Nightmare part 2 definitely has some homoerotic themes. Sometimes I think they should just cut to the chase and have freddys hand be made out of dildos. Hey! Also the reboot was wretched and cheap. All the scares were jump scares. Like dildos being rammed up your butt.

Lee Russell said...

My biggest problem with the remake is that they copped-out of doing something really interesting with the story. It was briefly implied that the kids had lied to their parents and had accused Freddy of molesting them when he had never done so. The idea that Freddy was wrongly accused and murdered would have been a neat twist on the story. Sadly they went 180 on that idea by the end. Oh well.

Gex said...

Interested in a dinosaur slasher film? I'm not talking about Carnosaur or Jurassic Park. I'm talking about a film that has no humans in it. It's a 10 minute short made all the way back in 1984, using stop-motion effects. Portions of the film had been used in some dinosaur documentaries here and there (I found out about it during the Windows 95 era when I had the Microsoft Dinosaurs interactive encyclopedia program). It wasn't released in its full glory until 2011. So, in case you're interested, and in case Jurassic World ends up sucking, here's Prehistoric Beast, created by Phil Tippett (yeah, THAT Phil Tippett):


And the 3 minute condensed version I originally saw in Microsoft Dinosaurs when I was around 7 years old (perfect age to see this by the way), if you're curious: