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PODCAST 154: The Toxic Avenger & Kung Fury ['80s Super Hero Edition]

This week the Horror Duo take on 2 bad-ass action flicks. Forest begins his Toxie-a-thon by reviewing The Toxic Avenger. Cory reviews the indie short that is taking the world and the internet by storm, Kung Fury.

The gang also discuss catching fire, the Poltergeist remake, a Romero zombie television show, and Rick baker's retirement. All this and Cory shares what he thinks the next Friday the 13th film should be.









Lee Russell said...

As far a the head-crushing goes for Troma, I think it used to be a watermelon filled with hamburger, but I recall hearing Kaufman saying that he's changed it up since becoming a vegetarian. "Kung Fury" is sort of the love child of "Samurai Cop" and "The Miami Connection" presented as a live-action anime. It was a lot of fun, but I'm glad it was only a half hour because I could see this wearing thin really fast at feature length. I'm also a bit angered that the more voluptuous blond viking babe from the original trailer did not end up in the finished product, instead we got a (still hot) but more bony viking babe.

imbatman8472 said...

if you like Kung Fury then you'll love danger 5.

Gex said...

That series keeps getting brought up in conversations I've seen and heard about Kung Fury. I'm going to have to check that one out.

Zombievers is on netflix, and I have to say, it's the perfect movie to watch while drunk (I did a drunk review of it on letterboxd). If you guys do a netflix movie night in the near future, I highly recommend putting that movie on the watch list.

That trailer for Knock Knock makes me think that it won't be all that great (and you can always count on Eli Roth to put the 'porn' in "torture porn"). However, Keanu Reeves is in it, and I'm loving his bad line delivery. "Chocolate with sprinkles!" If there's more of that, I wanna see it. That and definitely John Wick 2 when that hopefully gets made.

I hated the last live action TMNT movie, and from the images I've seen of the sequel, it looks like it's going to be worse.