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PODCAST 155: The Toxic Avenger Part 2 & It's Alive [Weirdo Offspring Edition]

This week Forest continues with "The Summer of Toxie" by sharing his thoughts on The Toxic Avenger Part 2. Cory honors the career of Rick Baker with a review of Larry Cohen's 1974 killer baby movie, It's Alive.

The Horror Duo also chat about the upcoming remakes of Big Trouble in Little China, The Crow, and The Blob. Hollywood has forgotten what a sequel is apparently. Cory shares his excitement for the upcoming X-Files season, or mini-series, or whatever the hell it is.






In a world full of sequels, "Now You See Me" if the most original film of the summer.




Gex said...

When I think of killing babies (wow I guess I am a little fucked up), I think of the infamous poster from Man Bites Dog. I still need to see that movie.

Anyway, Cristopher Lee died. That sucks. I thought the guy was supposed to be immortal? Guess we might be able to look forward to you guys doing a review of one of his movies? This isn't dignified at all, but I'm hoping you will choose The Howling 2.

Saw Jurassic World. Aside from the fact that it has some painful dialogue, some annoying characters, and good yet typical special effects, it was entertaining, and definitely leaves room for a sequel while still being a self-contained movie. It's worth noting, however, that portions of this movie rely on the audience having an emotional connection to the first Jurassic Park movie, because there are several points where it tries to exploit the shit out of those emotions, and it got on my nerves about as often as the annoying characters did (by annoying characters, I mean the helicopter pilot, the evil militaristic corporate fat fuck from Law & Order, the little cunt kid, and the little cunt kid's mother). I still recommend seeing it despite all that, plenty of good action and one hell of a finale.

Matt from MN said...

When you mentioned Spawn, it reminded me of soundtracks with "music inspired by the film." The Spawn soundtrack was an interesting rap-rock-electronic collaboration. Batman Forever's soundtrack had "Kissed by a Rose" and a good U2 song. Blade's soundtrack had a 10 minute techno track that I'd loop ad nauseum. Godzilla's soundtrack had that Puff Daddy abomination...well maybe not all good examples, but those tie-ins were pretty good. Not anymore :(

Kenny Teeology said...

Kim Cattrall's other big sci-fi role was in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country in another totally different role - playing the female Vulcan, Valeris.