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PODCAST 159: Grizzly & The Birds 2: Land's End [When Animals Attack Edition]

Because the summer is upon us and it happens to be Shark Week Forest takes a look at a Jaws inspired animal attack movie, Grizzly. Cory visits another stinky sequel -- this time the Alan Smithee classic The Birds 2: Land's End.

The Horror Duo also chat about how they celebrated their Independence Day with Syfy's Twilight Zone marathon, Goblin's new album Goblin Rebirth, and The Mutilator makes its way to blu-ray. All this and the Ray Charles sells laser disc players!



★ ½


★ ½




imbatman8472 said...

saw the new terminator movie and i think its better than 3 and 4, don't know what the hater where expecting.

Gex said...
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Gex said...

I expected some good action scenes, but the movie's pacing didn't allow any of them to stand out, and none of them were memorable. At least the third film had that spectacular chase sequence in the streets, and the 4th film had Christian Bale, and both knew how to pace a film.

Trivia answer is The Mutilator. I believe you guys mentioned that film at some point...

What the hell you guys? You jump right into the birds 2 without even doing an episode on the first one? Talk about another perfect analogy for dick in the ass.

Here's a good relevant trivia question that relates to this podcast episode in a few ways. What 80s film claimed that no animals were harmed in the making of it, but that was not the case for at least 70 cast and crew members who were hospitalized during its production due to animal attacks? If you don't know what film I'm talking about, let alone seen it, then you have no idea what you're missing out on. This film has to be seen to be believed. In fact, you probably wouldn't believe a film like this had been made.

imbatman8472 said...


is it (Roar 1981)