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PODCAST 160: Shakma & Barracuda [Animals Keep Attacking Edition]

This week Forest and Cory cover another pair of animal attack flicks. Forest reviews Shakma -- complete with baboon erections. Cory reviews Barracuda. A film that would like you to think it's a Jaws rip-off, but it's not...somehow.

Forest also shares the many reasons why Terminator Genisys is a poopy mess, Cory remembers the Dino-Damage line of Jurassic Park toys based on the original film, and together, the Horror Duo chat about children watching "R" rated films and their overprotective parents. R.I.P. The Dissolve.




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Gex said...
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Gex said...

Hah! The answer to that trivia question is Razorback. One of those R rated films I saw as a kid.

Yep, the movie is Roar, made in 1981. There were 132 lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards, and cheetahs combined on set. There's plenty of good stories on websites that give details on just how insane the filming (and pre-production) got, which I'll list at the bottom of this post. What I find hilarious is that Tippi Hendren is in a major role in this movie. Apparently getting scarred for life by seagulls wasn't bad enough, so she decided she wanted to get fucked up by lions and elephants too before her film career ended. Probably had to do with the fact that she was married to the director of this movie at the time. But the best part, the best part about all this is that the movie's message is to promote peace and harmony between humans and animals. Seriously, you guys should do a podcast episode on this movie. You'll have just as much of a ball with the movie as you will talking about everything else outside of the film.

Here's a link to the movie (I'd recommend right clicking the "Direct download link (.avi file)" link just below the video and saving it to your computer and watching it that way just for the sake of avoiding buffering). Whatever you do, don't click the red "Download in HD" image that's on the video itself:


Anyway, Shakma sucked. That movie has some of the biggest bunch of dumb fucks I've ever seen in my life (more-so than Rats: Night of Terror), and there weren't any decent kills in the movie, except for when the black guy gets killed. Not trying to be racist with that statement, he's the only one whom we see gets his face bitten off, everyone else it practically happens off-camera.

Well you could've done worse with anti-D&D films. You could've gone with Mazes and Monsters.

Damn straight there's no right age for awesome R rated movies like Aliens and Robocop. Hell, there's some pussy adults who won't ever be right for films like that. I agree, it should be up to the parent's judgement to determine whether or not their kids should watch R rated flicks or not. Some are more sensitive to others. I can understand that some kids just shouldn't watch some of these films, but all I know is that me and a bunch of friends of mine in the 90s watched the hell out of Aliens and Predator, and talked about it all the time, and got the toys for the franchise. God I missed the 90s when toy companies didn't give a shit what the rating of the movie was so long as they could sell it to kids.

This was an awesome episode, I could go on and on about a few of these topics, but I'll stop now 'cause you'll probably only read 20% of this anyway.

Links to stories on Roar: