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PODCAST 162: Conan the Barbarian & Conan the Destroyer

This week Forest begins a four part Arnold Schwarzenegger series, starting with Conan the Barbarian. To aid in Forest's quest of high adventure, and to celebrate the character of Conan, Cory follows with Conan the Destroyer.

The Horror Duo has another chat about found footage because Forest went to see The Gallows, but why?! Jack Black plays R. L. Stein in the new Goosebumps film, NASA visits Pluto, and someone stole F. W. Murnau's Head. All this and women who say "suck me dick".

We're going to try to broadcast this one on Youtube Live! More news to come.



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Gex said...
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Gex said...

While on the subject of Conan, have you guys seen the 2011 Conan: The Barbarian movie? If so, what did you think?

Personally, I thought the first half of it was ok, the 2nd half was terrible, and overall it's the worst out of all of them because, as Forest said, the majority of movies nowadays know nothing of set design without the use of CGI. Same thing goes for action sequences, and fucking blood packs. Other than that the pacing and characters and acting was blech, and there was nothing inspiring or memorable about the movie.

Kenny Teeology said...

Set in a similar period of magic and monsters, you can hear snippets of Basil Poledouris' score in the Lord of the Ring movies composed by Howard Shore, especially the pounding 5/4 percussion action motifs. The only real connection between Conan the Barbarian and Star Wars that I can think of were their promotional posters. The original Star Wars poster had a buff Luke Skywalker with his lightsaber in the air and Princess Leia at his feet, while the Conan one had the two main characters posed in a similar manner. One of my favorite Fantasy authors, Robert Jordan, wrote the much more rated 'R' novelization of 'Conan the Destroyer' based on the fact that he had written a handful of other Conan stories during the 80's. Jordan is better known for his ultra-long and epic fantasy series "The Wheel of Time".


Kenny Teeology said...

You almost can see "The Chronicles of Riddick" with Vin Diesel (which I love) as a Conan movie in space. Riddick fights a death cult and even becomes the king at the end.