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PODCAST 165: Last Action Hero & The Slumber Party Massacre

This week Forest concludes the "Subtext of Schwarzenegger" with the action-comedy Last Action Hero. Cory does a follow up summer-time slasher with a feminist point of view, The Slumber Party Massacre.

The Horror Duo also reminisce about their childhood return to school after the summer break. They also discuss the wonderful turn out of film submissions for the 2015 Eerie Horror Film Festival. All this and talk of a Pet Sematary remake, Leonardo DiCaprio playing H. H. Holmes, cannibal grannies and Mad Max: Fury Road being screened at the Erie Art Museum.



★ ★ ★


★ ★ ½




Gex said...

Sorry about that. First time trying to upload a video outside of youtube (because youtube will just take this down again if I upload it). Hopefully the link works now.


Lee Russell said...

I really enjoyed Forrest's Arnie series. His musings on the hidden subtext seemed pretty plausible to me, even if the stuff around "The Last Action Hero" is reaching a bit. I've never watched "The Last Action Hero", so now I'm sort of interested. Up until now, all I've really known about it is the catchy AC/DC tune "Big Gun", used on the film's soundtrack.

As for "The Slumber Party Massacre", I remember the VHS cover always catching my eye back when I was too young to rent it, and then as VHS went by the wayside I sort of forgot about the film, having never gotten to watch it. I finally did a few years back, thinking that, like most rentals back in the day, it couldn't hope to live up to the promise of the cover. BOY WAS I WRONG! BEST FEMINIST FILM EVER...not that I've watched any other ones, but I'm assuming they all have long, soapy shower scenes too, right?

Kenny Teeology said...

The original Poltergeist really freaked me out as a kid. The light on in the closet is supposed to indicate safety, not that you're about to be sucked into another dimension!

Kenny Teeology said...

The Cave story as envisioned by Socrates and Plato was obviously an early attempt to describe the first version of The Matrix. People who escaped the Matrix, with the help of "The One", would re-enter that world to help others escape as well. However, the first version of the Matrix was a utopia, described by Plato as "Atlantis". According to Agent Smith, the human minds began rejecting that perfect world, or as described by Plato - Atlantis sank beneath the sea.

Scott said...

If you would like to travel further down the "Slumber Party Massacre" bunny hole, the series continues on in hilarious fashion (and still keeps that pervy vibe of the first one). My favorite installment was 1990's "Tower of Terror" (Slumber Massacre 3). Many of the girls from part 2 return and are now working at a lingerie warehouse. Of course, they shower and try the stuff on for a majority of the first act (seriously...there are 4-5 different shower scenes with each lady). What is most interesting about the film is that introduces this strange concept of a soul box. An evil man cut his soul into multiple pieces in an attempt to achieve immortality. Where have I seen that again in recent years?