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PODCAST 170: Fade to Black & Theatre of Blood [When the Theatre Attacks Edition]

This week Forest takes a look at the underrated and little talked about Fade to Black. Cory joins him with Theatre of Blood, a similarly themed flick starring Vincent Price.

The Horror Duo also chat about the future of Pacific Rim 2, Ernie Hudson joining the cast of the Ghostbusters re-boot and Forest is planning to see Evil Dead: The Musical in Pittsburgh. All this and ghost dick pics.

For all you locals, make sure to stop by the Erie Movie House to enter to win 2 weekend passes to the 2015 Eerie Horror Film Festival & Expo. The giveaway is free to enter, and the more you visit, the more chances you have to win! Check out their website to see what's playing.



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Gex said...
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Gex said...
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Gex said...

Legendary Studios won't have Del Toro do Pacific Rim 2 right now because they are focusing their budget on the next Godzilla and King Kong movie, so that down the line it will lead up to King Kong vs. Godzilla. I'm curious to see how that turns out, but if it's anything short of Godzilla being victorious in the end, I'm going to be pissed.

And speaking of Godzilla, a good portion of the Godzilla vs. movies are good, so there, there's some good "versus" movies.


I'll chime in on Victor Salva, and directors with bad histories in general, about whether their movies should still be watched regardless of their past actions. Honestly, I think they should still be watched if the movie is good. Roman Polanski may not be a good individual for his own pedophilia history, but that doesn't make The Pianist or Rosemary's Baby any less good of a movie. They are still regarded as masterpieces, and deserve to be seen both by film connoisseurs who study film for a living as works of art, and by audiences who just want an entertaining film. Bernardo Bertolucci abused the hell out of the actress Maria Schneider in Last Tango In Paris, but the film is considered one of Marlon Brando's best, and is a classic for that reason alone. Lars Von Trier made some pro-Hitler comments, but I still think Nymphomaniac is a good film (though just that film alone is controversial enough). Larry Clark arguably has child porn in the film Kids, but does that make the film any less powerful (along with Bully)? And Victor Salva himself. I thought the Jeepers Creepers films were just ok (2nd one more entertaining than the first), nothing special, but his best film for me is Peaceful Warrior. You can tell me whatever you want about how he fucked some kid in the ass and deserves to burn in hell for it, I'm still going to think that it's a good film, as will others who watch it, as will others who watch the other film previously mentioned with those other questionable directors. Why? Because I view films as separate entities from directors. Once a film is made and released to the public, it's no longer the director's film. It's the audiences' film. It's theirs now to watch, see, enjoy, hate, and critique all they want, because film is art that deserves to be appreciated and trashed by film viewers. You can hate the man, but don't hate the movie because of the man. Like with Chris Benoit, most likely a terrible person for how he went out, but that doesn't make any of his past WWE/WWF wrestling matches any less great.

Bottom line, hating on films because of things the directors of the films did, and not because of the quality of the films themselves, and saying the films shouldn't be watched for that reason, is bullshit in my opinion. Going down that route is implying censorship, that films from controversial directors shouldn't ever be seen by anybody, regardless of their quality, regardless of whether they are fantastic or terrible. If you want to have a good reason for not watching a film, then let it be because the film itself isn't to your tastes, or you heard it was bad, and would be a waste of your time watching it.