PODCAST SPECIAL: Eerie Horror Film Festival & Expo 2015 [Day One]

Well it's that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping and the ghouls are crawling from their crypts to take part in the 2015 Eerie Horror Film Festival & Expo! Listen as we re-cap the events of the first day which featured the directorial debut of Debbie Rochon and the newest film by Gregory Lamberson about everyone's favorite, killer knockers! We also had the pleasure of running into fellow horror fans from ScareTissue. Good times had by all!


(14:01) Australia Directed by Ally Burnham
The miracle drug promised to the world was too good to be true. Clara sets out to discover the secret of 2.0 and why it has forced her father to a life on the streets.

(17:39) U.S.A. Directed by Jeffery Wang
When an enigmatic traveler with an unusual lifeline pays a visit to Madame Golorio’s psychic parlor, the ailing palm reader is compelled to take the future into her own hands. Lifeline is a darkly comedic exploration of the depths one person will sink to save herself and the lengths another will go to in order to lose himself.

(12:35) U.S.A. Directed by Chia Ying, Tsai
Anna suffers from an unknown illness, she chose to face the illness alone, and tried to find out the best treatment to herself.

(1:20:29) Germany/Russian Federation. Directed by Pavel Khvaleev
Young Mirra, falls victim of a mysterious deadly epidemic devastating a rural European village. Her sister Ayia in desperation realizes that conventional medicine will not save her sister and turns to a Shamanistic cure which involves a complete immersion into the patient’s mind, a journey into the deepest most hidden depths of their subconscious where terrifying monsters and demons loom.

(6:00) U.S.A. Directed by Dick Grunert
A man invites his friend over one night to show off his latest invention: a trap for catching aliens. Grunert career includes working on Adventure Time, The Boondocks, & Men In Black: The Series.

(9:00) U.S.A. Directed by Patrick Fatica
Getting lost in the forest is never a good idea. MONSTER is a dark fable of 5 little girls that get lost in the forest and fall victim to their vices. There’s been a monster in the swamp forest for as long as they can remember.

(19:30) Finland Directed by Paul Helin
Sometimes the only way to safety lies on dark paths….

(01:28:16) Canada Directed by Josh Fraiman
Based on the experiences of the screenwriter and millions of people around the world, a newlywed photographer is stalked by a dark man in a brimmed hat who followers her from her nightmares. Sanity slipping, she meets a mysterious man claiming to know the shocking secrets of the Hat Man. It can happen to anyone. It can happen to you.

MODEL HUNGER - Intro by Lynn Lowery & Tiffany Shepis
(1:25:00) U.S.A. Directed by Debbie Rochon
Former pin-up model and actress Ginny (Lynn Lowry) had been cast aside by the heartless and exploitative modeling industry when she was a young woman due to her body type. Ginny didn’t take rejection well and over the years developed into a revenge seeking, blood thirsty, broken woman.

KILLER RACK - Intro by Greg Lamberson
(1:38:00) U.S.A. Directed by Gregory Lamberson
Screwball horror comedy about a woman (Jessica Zwolak) suffering from low esteem who gets breast enhancement surgery from Dr. Cate Thulu (Debbie Rochon). Her new assets turn out to be man-eating monsters, and only she can stop them. Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Thurber are in the cast, and Brooke Lewis is the Voice of the Boobs. Directed by author Gregory Lamberson, creator of the cult classic SLIME CITY.