INTERVIEW: Unearth the Next Film of John C. Lyons

Join Forest & Cory as they sit down with filmmaker John C. Lyons to discuss his upcoming film Unearth, which is currently being crowd funded on Kickstarter.

Lyons has made films in the past, Schism and There Are No Goodbyes, both of which he funded himself. This time around he hopes to reach out to others with his vision of a bleak and paranoid social commentary on the not so secret negative effects of hydraulic fracking. He has enlisted the help of effects man "Monster" Mark Kosobucki to create the visual horrors to compliment John's psychological horrors.
Equal parts docu-drama and eco-horror, “Unearth” was inspired by increasing environmental concerns ripped from today’s headlines. The film’s writer and director, John C. Lyons, said of the project “In light of new evidence uncovered by journalists like Public Herald regarding years of cover-up by state regulators regarding water contamination caused by the Marcellus shale industry, I think now more than ever it is time for a film like “Unearth”.
Help make this interesting and terrifying films come to life! For more about the negative effects of fracking, check out the films Gasland and Triple Divide.