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PODCAST 176: Tremors 5 & Headless

This week Forest revisits the Tremors films with the newest Graboid installment, Tremors 5: Bloodlines. Cory reviews Headless, the spin-off film of the critically acclaimed indie flick, Found.

The Horror Duo recount their Halloween festivities, including costume parties, Evil Dead: The Musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show & Psycho accompanied by the Erie Chamber Orchestra. All this and what is the deal with Christmas?!



★ ★


★ ★ ½

The Erie Chamber Orchestra & "Psycho".




Matt from MN said...

Regarding the War of the Worlds episode:
-"F is for Fake" is indeed a great movie, check it out! Orson Welles also narrated "Late Great Planet Earth" and "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow," both weird "documentaries" available on YouTube.
-3 things that struck me about Spielberg's WOTW; the trumpet noise made by the machines, the blood vines and when Tom Cruise's daughter goes to the riverbank and sees a log-jam of corpses float by.
-As for radio dramas, I recommend the 80's Canadian series "Nightfall." It's pretty graphic and well made.

Gex said...

I thought Tremors 5 was better than 3 and 4, and it's close to 2, but not quite there. The first Tremors will always be the best. Surprised you made no mention of, let alone showed no love for, the hot African woman with the bow and arrows.

If you guys are interested, Roar just got released on Blu-Ray. Somehow, it got sold out at both fucking Best Buys near my town, on the day it was released. There must be some underground movie cult in my area I don't know about.

I've been doing drunk watches/reviews of the Friday the 13th films to celebrate the new game on kickstarter, and to get myself up to speed on the franchise because, up until a week ago, I had only seen the first film. So far I think that 2, 4, and 6 are the only good ones, but of course, 5 is so-bad-it's good. I'm up to 6, which is when the franchise got self-aware at how ridiculous it was, and made itself awesome because of it. #7 is next, and that's when Kane Hodder Jason shows up, the guy who is involved with motion capture for Jason in the game. On the other hand, I've heard that Jason Takes Manhattan is supposed to be the worst one.

Speaking of Netflix, Harbinger Down is now on there. So, Cory...