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PODCAST 178: The Prey & Lost After Dark

This week the Horror Duo take on a pair of slasher films. Forest reviews a film he despises, The Prey from the mid '80s. Cory takes a peek at Lost After Dark, a newer film set in the mid '80s.

They also chat a little about the Friday the 13th terror attacks in France, Netflix Movie Night with their drunken friend -- Dr. Bork, and Cory witnesses an end of Ronda Rousey's undefeated streak.

All this and a pig stands trial for murder.




★ ★ ½




Gex said...

Normally when I watch a slasher film, I expect it to be a mindless violent kill flick with dumb people and shameless titty shots on occasion. Usually nothing noteworthy or memorable about it, with the only hope being that at least the kills are memorable and all the annoying pricks get killed at the end. Well, I just watched 2 movies that far exceeded my expectations in that regard, 2 films that I'm surprised you guys haven't reviewed yet (along with any HP Lovecraft-based film for that matter).

Maniac Cop 1 and 2. Those films, especially the first one, have a message to them that is a lot more relevant today than when they were first made. The theme circles around cops, citizens, the media, and the politicians, and how the relation between them all deteriorates. It took me completely by surprise. Plus they have Bruce Campbell in them. If you guys haven't seen them, you gotta see them, especially in this day and age, and especially since Nicholas Winding Refn is involved with the upcoming 2017 remake which I'm excited for.

I have a review up on letterboxd for part 1 which sums up everything about why I think it's more relevant today than it was back in the 80s.

PS: Part 3 is shit though. Feel free to ignore the existence of that one.