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PODCAST 179: Cannibal Holocaust & Cannibal Ferox [Yummy Dinner Edition]

This week the Horror Duo celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday by reviewing two "fish out of water comedies", Cannibal Holocaust and Cannibal Ferox.

Forest also chats about Triple H's newest film The Assassin, anticipating Victor Frankenstein, and the Horror Duo share what they are thankful for.

All this and being supersized by "lady boys".



★ ★ ★ ½


★ ★




Gex said...

I kinda want to like that Cannibal Holocaust movie, but I really fucking hate those cunts for killing that tortoise.

Anyway, 2 questions:
1.) Any of you own a Sega Genesis system?
2.) Have you seen Sicario? That's probably the best movie of the year.

Gex said...

Make that 3 questions.
3.) Are you guys watching Ash vs. The Evil Dead?

imbatman8472 said...

in the book Frankenstein was a chemistry student which gave me the impression that his creation was completely synthetic so i don't get why all the movies have him digging up bodies it should be more like Blade Runner, and I walked out of Lucy.

Gex said...

Lucy wasn't too bad, it just needed less focus on the unnecessary action (car chase went too long, and Lucy should've killed that gangster asshole during her 2nd encounter with him when she stabbed his hands with knives so that she wouldn't have to worry about him later, she was supposed to be fucking smart at that point), and more focus on the potential science and theories. But it didn't, so it ends up being just a so-so movie instead, with very little tension since Lucy can pretty much handle everything that's thrown at her, kind of like that Nicholas Cage movie Next.