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PODCAST 188: Freaks & The Terror of Tiny Town [Midget Madness Edition]

This week the Horror Duo cover a pare of films that would never be made today, in what they call "midget madness". Forest shares his thought on Tod Browning's Freaks, and Cory reviews The Terror of Tiny Town.

Forest also chats about The Revenant. Cory explains what DC Comics & Warner Brothers need to so in order to make Aquaman a bad-ass. And they both discuss the pointlessness of the "#OscarsSoWhite" movement. All this and an extreme Perversions of Science.



★ ★ ★ ★ ½


★ ★




Gex said...

So, surprise surprise (to all the haters out there), Michael Bay made another movie that can be considered decent at worst, great at best. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. I read the novel before seeing the movie, and to my surprise, once the siege at the compound begins, the movie stays very close to the book, closer than Black Hawk Down was to the novel. It does have a couple liberties taken here and there (mainly regarding the Libyan translator), but otherwise it's one of the most faithful adaptations I've seen yet. So Bay is capable of not only being faithful to the source material, but managed to make a fairly solid film adaptation out of it too. And it manages to stay a-political, despite the controversy surrounding the event. Easily among the top 5 modern warfare films ever made (by modern, I mean anything taking place in the 90s and onwards). I'd recommend checking it out.

Anonymous said...

Good job of not saying Aquaman is like a fish out of water!

I disagree with Forest on Jesse Eisenberg in the Batman Vs Superman trailers. His voice & nerdiness seems like they have him playing Crispin Glover as Lex Luthor which would be a bad idea.
However, Crispin Glover playing a villain (probably not Lex- maybe someone original) would be brilliant.

-John Walkiewicz