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PODCAST 193: The Witch [Hail Satan Edition]

This week the Horror Duo double-team a new film, one which has been endorsed by The Satanic Temple, The Witch. There are NUMEROUS SPOILERS in this episode. The Witch has a simple plot and it was difficult to discuss in depth with out ruining everything for everyone. Keep that in mind and check out the film!

Forest covers Lloyd Kaufman, being an old man, complaining about other old men who manipulate the Oscars from atop their ivory cinema towers. They also chat about the future of Pacific Rim 2, and what a 7th Child's Play film could look like. All this and Forest loses his shit about VidAngel, the newest incarnation of CleanFlicks.



★ ★ ★ ★




Gex said...

Two things I can add to your review/analysis:

1.) There's also the element of a joke going too far. The younger siblings made jokes about the black goat, and to other characters. The eldest daughter joked about her being a witch to the kids to get them to shut up. And later on in the film, all jokes that were meant with light-hearted intent come to fruition in the darkest way possible. The jokes become taken seriously, and no one is laughing. Plus, even from the get-go, it didn't look like any family member could take a joke in the first place.

2.) You guys were saying the name wrong. It's The VVITCH, not The WITCH. You know, like the Russians do. Satan will come and convert your girls for mother Russia!

So that aside, Forest, you should get it over with and review V for Vendetta so you can get all then pent-up political shit out of your system. If the VVitch taught you anything, it should be to not repress your own urges.

And speaking of VVitches, Cory, you probably could've reviewed Four Rooms to go alongside this one. Sure it's not really horror material, but fuck if that hasn't stopped you guys before. At least it has witches in it.

PS: I'm not being serious about Four Rooms. Don't let that joke get taken too far. But I am serious about Satan being a communist.

Gex said...

One more thing, I saw the trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie. Unfortunately, it looks terrible.

John Walkiewicz said...
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John Walkiewicz said...
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John Walkiewicz said...

I've been thinking for a long time that we need an "olde school" vampire story taking place in the past, making them once again scary, & maybe looking like they died of consumption (Tuberculosis. The way people looked dying of TB contributed to the vampire legend. I think the folks behind The VVitch are the people who can pull it off.

Blake Matthews said...

Speaking of religion and goats and what not, have you two watched La Chiesa (The Church), the Italian movie produced by Dario Argento? If not, you should. It's one of my favorite Italian films.