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PODCAST 194: Turbo Kid & Hobo with a Shotgun [Retro '80s Canuxploitation Edition]

This week the Horror Duo take on a pair of grindhouse-esque, nostalgic '80s throwback films. Forest explains why everyone should check out this years Turbo Kid. Cory deviates from the futuristic and dives down into the depths of hobo live with Hobo with a Shotgun.

They also discuss the emerging "sassy black lady" sub-genre of film & why the all female Ghostbusters may or may not be a stinker. All this and Forest realizes that he shouldn't care so much what the terrible, filthy, internet has to say.


★ ★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ ★ ½




Lee Russell said...

Christopher Lee played Dracula nine times total from what I can remember, including "Dracula and Son" and Jess Franco's version of Dracula outside of the Hammer films. "Turbo Kid" was my favourite film from last year. I totally agree with your review. It does sort of the same thing "Kung Fury" did, but unlike that film, it wasn't just retro 1980s fetishism, and it wasn't just one joke stretched out for a half hour. This film had heart and world building and great characters. The 1980s stuff we see makes sense in the context of the world we're presented. It's not just something to make trendy hipsters have awkward boners. Love this film. "Hobo with a Shotgun", filmed in my home province of Nova Scotia, was also a lot of fun, and just fucking weird in a really interesting way. My mark-out moment was hearing the song in the end credits, which was the theme from a popular Canadian cartoon from my childhood called "The Raccoons". Ahhh, sweet, sweet nostalgia.

Blake Matthews said...

I just watched the Ghostbusters trailer. Didn't care for it. I never liked the idea of a Ghostbusters sequel that didn't feature the original four actors as the main stars. Before the all-female Ghostbusters film got the green light, there was talk of there being a Ghostbusters III with a new team, and the original group acting in a mentor capacity. I was against *that* idea, too (just to prove I'm not sexista). The Expendables III tried that and the film shined only whenever the veterans were on screen (save Rhonda Rousey's big fight). The trailer itself didn't look particularly funny, and as expected, there's an overwhelming feeling of "We need to throw as much money at this as possible!" to it.

I haven't seen "Hobo With a Shotgun" yet. It was released in Brazil as "O Vingador" (The Avenger). The title "O Vingador" was also employed as the Brazilian title for Vin Diesel's "A Man Apart"; Charles Bronson's "Murphy Law"; Burt Reynold's "Raven"; "Billy The Kid" (1930); and Michael Paré's "Solar Force".

Ben said...

Hey, months ago I randomly stumbled upon your guys site while trying to find some podcast chat about one of my horror faves, Halloween III. Awesome job on the reviews! Ive been listening to all your stuff ever since. Even your "week in review" in the first part of your podcasts has grown on me, even though I have no clue who you guys are. I actually live in PA too, but way over on the other side of the state in Philly. There is going to be a horror convention, Monster Mania over in nearby Cherry Hill, NJ on March 11-13. Do you guys ever travel out to those things? Heather Langenkamp will be there as well as some other semi-noteworthy actors. Just curious as it would be cool to say hi in person on the off-chance you might be there. Otherwise, keep up the good work.


Gex said...

Turbo Kid was just ok. Didn't think it struck the right balance between serious and goofy. It needed to be more of one rather than the other, preferably the former. At least Kung Fury knew what it wanted to be and just went all out on goofiness.

So, St. Patricks Day is coming up. Here's hoping you guys don't review another fucking Leprechaun movie.

And Easter is coming up too. Here's hoping you guys review a killer bunny movie such as Night of the Lepus.