PODCAST 195: The Other Hell & Killer Nun [Nunsploitation Edition]

This week, in honor of 2 upcoming religious holidays (St. Patrick's Day & Easter), the Horror Duo take on Nunsploitation. Forest reviews Bruno Mattei's The Other Hell, and Cory shares his thoughts on Killer Nun, starring sex symbol Anita Ekberg.

Forest & Cory also discuss the shortcomings of 2 newer releases, 10 Cloverfeild Lane and Punk's Dead: SLC Punk 2. Arnold may be starring in the upcoming films The Predator and King Conan. All this and Jodie Sweetin's rockin' boobage in Fuller House.


★ ★ ½

★ ★

As a boy, I watched Full House because it was something on the boob-tube. As an adult, I watch Fuller House because of the boobs on the tube.