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PODCAST 196: Leprechaun Origins & Rawhead Rex [Irish Monster Edition]

This week the Horror Duo take on the Irish monsters. Forest shares his displeasure for the WWE's Leprechaun Origins, and Cory covers Clive Barker's foray in film, Rawhead Rex.

They also chat about the highs and lows of St. Patrick's Day, Harrison Ford playing Indy for a fifth time where he lives in a retirement home and a promising film being crowdfunded (Anne Dark). All this and, "I hate it more than life itself!".




★ ★ ½

T-Shirt Bordello's Walken Dead




Blake Matthews said...

I found Forrest's unbridled hate toward [Generic Monster]: Origins to be amusing.

Also, the reviewer El Santo (of 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting) made the following observation about Rawhead Rex:

"The odd thing about Rawhead Rex is that Barker’s short story (and therefore presumably his script as well) is in here practically plot-point for plot-point, and yet the movie still manages to bear its source only the dimmest resemblance. Even the stuff you’d think couldn’t possibly fly in a commercial motion picture— the slaying of Robbie Hallenbeck, the scene in which Rawhead re-baptizes Declan O’Brien by pissing in his face while he kneels before the resurrected god-monster in the churchyard— made it in intact, but what’s missing is a sense of any given plot-point’s significance. In Pavlou’s hands, Rawhead kills people and knocks over trailer homes and pisses on vergers because he’s a great big monster, and that’s just the sort of thing great big monsters do. Declan O’Brien and Isaac Gissing wind up doing one degree or another of his bidding because he has powers of mind-control— at least whenever he remembers to use them. The monster is able to kill Reverend Coot in his own church despite an application of heavy-gauge holiness because it’s totally boss when a monster yanks a cross out of a clergyman’s hand and makes with the whoop-ass. No, no, and no! The key point is that Rawhead is neither simply a monster nor a demon in the Christian sense. He is supposed to be a pagan godling— specifically, an embodiment of the male principle run amok in its most primal form. Understand that, and every bizarre, seemingly unmotivated or unexplained thing in this story falls into place. Christian religious magic fails to affect Rawhead not because he’s just that big a bad-ass, but because the Christian God represents merely a more evolved and civilized form of the same cosmic force. They don’t call him God the Father for nothing, after all. Similarly, Rawhead is able to work his will upon O’Brien and Gissing because they are both figures of patriarchal authority, and were therefore plugged into his power to begin with, whether they realized it or not. To combat Rawhead, it is necessary to invoke the power of the female principle, over which he holds no sway— “Death goes in fear of that which he can never be,” and all that. Again, all the clues the viewer needs to put it together are present in the film, but Pavlou wanders heedlessly by every single one of them."

Matt from MN said...

I recommend the Rawhead Rex graphic novel. You can find art from it here on the artist's site.


Randy Brown said...

I agree with Forest that Leprechaun Origins is a big old stinky piece of Tripe! Movies like this should come with a one-time use time machine so you can get your 90-minutes back. (Let's do the time warp again!) As for Rawhead Rex all I got to say is Blahhhhh. I have listened to every show you guys have put out and I enjoy really listening to you two review movies. Since the 200th episode is fast approaching I want to resubmit an idea I submitted awhile back for a movie for the two of you to watch, if not both than at least one of you to watch, and that is the movie Alien Beasts (1991) that is still available for your viewing pleasure. Please consider this indie film for your 200th episode as it so bad it will make Leprechaun Origins seem like a viewing of Gone With The Wind by comparison.

Randy Brown said...

Forgot to mention that Alien Beasts (1991) is still on youtube.

Gex said...

You know, I would make a foul-mouthed piss post about how Forest should've known than to review that shitstain of a movie, but why bother? I've never dissuaded any of you guys from reviewing anything. You guys just have to do it.

At the very least though, I'd like to take this time to state that Forest should restrain himself from reviewing pieces of shit for a little while and review films that will at least put a big old stupid smile on his face. Such as the best sword and sorcery film since Deathstalker, Sorceress.


BUT! Be sure to watch this stand up bit to prep you for it. You'll thank me later: https://m.youtube.com/results?q=bill%20hicks%20goatboy&sm=1

Kenny Teeology said...
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Kenny Teeology said...

Of course nothing can compare to your cosplay of Undertaker and Paul Bearer a few years back, but after seeing WWE Roadblock recently, NXT's tag team of Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady could be your Next Big Thing.

Kenny Teeology said...