WRITTEN REVIEW: Mad Cow: The Scariest Mooooovie of the Year

The thing I love most about films distributed by Troma is that I never really know what to expect. For example, when I first heard about the film Mad Cow, (about a mad scientist who makes a crazed half-man, half-cow creature which then escapes and goes on a homicidal rampage) I was expecting some kind of gory exploitation horror film loaded with gratuitous violence and maybe even more gratuitous sex. What I got instead was a zany, gag-filled farce that almost seems to have popped right out of some kind of cartoon. Suffice to say, I was a little surprised.

The film relies heavily on an endless series of fantastical, borderline surreal comic set-pieces similar to the films of the Zucker Brothers. Like their comedies, Mad Cow uses the machine gun method of gag delivery, throwing as many jokes out there as possible. A lot of the gags are pretty funny on their own (one throwaway scene where an undercover cop changes out of his disguise caught me completely off-guard). About twice as many fall flat, but it doesn't matter because the jokes come so fast and so often that you can easily ignore the ones that don't work. Also, in the tradition of many of Troma's films, this film is just flat-out insane! You know you've got a bizarre film on your hands when a chainsaw-wielding cow monster isn't the craziest thing present. This also has an undercover cop disguised as a houseplant, a horde of out-of-nowhere zombies and just for the hell of it, why not throw in a musical number as well?

I can't really describe Mad Cow anymore without just listing all the jokes that I enjoyed in the film, and where's the fun in that? See the film for yourself. There's nothing else to say, really. The acting is bad but earnest, the special effects are laughable (and I mean that in the best possible way), and the directing is nothing special. However, this movie isn't about those things. This is about having an enjoyable movie night with your friends and Mad Cow can definitely provide that. So call up some buds, grab some beer, put in Mad Cow and get ready to laugh, groan and shake your head in disbelief in equal measure.


★ ★ ½