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PODCAST 227: Halloween & Halloween 2 [Re-Imagining Edition]

The Horror Duo rekindle the long standing tradition of talking Halloween in time for Halloween. This time it's Rob Zombie's Halloween remake, as well as it's sequel Halloween 2. Are Rob Zombie's Halloween films as bad as you've heard? Well the Horror Duo get to the bottom of the entire hill-billy ordeal.

Forest also chats about attending a confused screening of Andrzej Żuławski's Possession. Cory and a good friend competed in a cornhole tournament hosted by Odis 12, and they failed epicly. And also, they share a moment of silence for the young Ben Traimer who lost his life so many years ago during Halloween. Stay safe while trick or treating!

All this and Thomas & Martha Wayne snuff films, and Donald Trump wins the election and effectively gets Liberal thinking defectors banned from Canada.


  • 00:00 Intro & News
  • 27:33 "Halloween"
  • 52:27 Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 53:27 "Halloween 2"
  • 81:48 Comments & Conclusion



★ ★

HALLOWEEN 2 (2009)

★ ★

T-Shirt Bordello's Obey Clinton Tee




Blake Matthews said...

Cory stated in his comments about Shin Godzilla that Godzilla 2014 wasn't about anything. One fan has a theory that Godzilla 2014 was an allegory for failed foreign/military policy in the Middle East:

"The US military interposes itself into an ancient conflict between combatants its leaders understand poorly if at all, in response to a devastating attack by one of the antagonists on American soil. The best efforts of the most dedicated common soldier fail to resolve or even to contain the battle, and ultimately make things significantly worse, partly because their commanders insist on a delusionally misguided strategy, and partly because high-tech firepower is simply the wrong tool for the job in the first place. Experts in the relevant fields are sidelined, ignored, and even treated like criminals while the authorities make bullets and bombs their first and only resort. And in the end, there’s no practical solution but to get out of the way while the old enemies duke it out— even if getting out of the way means accepting the risk of becoming collateral casualties in the fight. Oh— and along the way, the expected smashing of famous skyscrapers comes packaged with whole squadrons of airplanes falling out of the sky and exploding on impact against the crumbling concrete towers. Did Edwards and Borenstein deliberately set out to render thirteen years’ worth of military, diplomatic, and foreign-policy fiasco in the Middle East as kaiju eiga?"

Link: http://1000misspenthours.com/reviews/reviewse-g/godzilla2014.htm

Anomalous Host said...

Forest: "The people I know who support Donald Trump, almost all are small town rural people. Donald Trump would not be caught dead associated- He's going to say the shit you want to hear, but he has nothing but contempt for you."

Alright, I wanted to stay out of politics here, but since you keep bringing it up, I have a strong urge to respond. First off, that sentence you just gave can also be used to describe Hillary, to a T. Makes me wonder if you've ever seen the movie Bulworth, much less this scene from it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XA62refAB2w

Anyway, as for why you're wondering why those rural town people support Trump, or why anyone would support Trump, it's because a lot of people are sick of the bullshit the exist in reality that films like Bulworth highlight. Nevermind that Hillary is probably the most corrupt presidential nominee we've ever had, and will probably be the most corrupt president we've ever had if she gets elected. She doesn't give anymore of a fuck about the rural people than Trump does, the difference being that his policies have a better chance at making things better than hers.

I'll shut up now, unless you want to open up that can of worms again.

Kenny Teeology said...

Official Halloween movie poster :)