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PODCAST 231: Night of the Ghouls & Robot Monster

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Horror Duo give thanks for an endless supply of movie stinkers by reviewing "golden turkeys"! Forest continues to explore the films of Ed Wood Jr. by reviewing Night of the Ghouls, and Cory matches wits with Ro-Man while sharing his thoughts Robot Monster.

Forest shares his excitement for the new film streaming service Film Struck, winter weather hits and Cory live out his viking destiny, and the Horror Duo speculate what the outcome of Goldberg Vs. Lesnar in the WWE's Survivor Series. All this and Shelley Duvall loses her marbles, so let's all help her find them.


  • 00:00 Intro & News
  • 21:55 "Night of the Ghouls"
  • 35:00 Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 35:52 "Robot Monster"
  • 53:37 Comments & Conclusion



★ ★


★ ★

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Blake Matthews said...

I know Forest has talked about watching KRAMPUS and STAR WARS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL for Christmas in previous episodes, but if Cory needs some suggestions, I have some suggestions: DON’T OPEN TIL CHRISTMAS (a British slasher); ELVES (an 80s monster movie) and SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT (a 70s American giallo-esque movie).

About NIGHT OF THE GHOULS, I have a question: Why is there still an old Willows place? Wasn’t it destroyed in a nuclear explosion?

Ah yes, ROBOT MONSTER. I bought that on VHS when I was about 10 or so. Imagine my surprise when this cheap, early 50s monster movie features a scene where a gorilla in a diving helmet rips off Alice’s top, necessitating the placement of a censor bar over her breasts. It’s also implied that Alice and Roy were rolling around in the hay after their wedding, so not only was Johnny dreaming about his younger sister being strangled to death, he was dreaming about his older sister being deflowered. I’d like to see Freud try to explain that.

Finally, the score for ROBOT MONSTER was composed by Oscar winner Elmer Bernstein, who was best known for his work on THE 10 COMMANDMENTS and THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. Needless to say, he was near the beginning of the career when he worked on both this movie *and* CAT WOMEN ON THE MOON.

Ben said...

Nothing like a slaughterfilm podcast on Thanksgiving day. You guys also get me through some long hours at work. Now there is something to be thankful for! Thanks for bringing up the Shelly Duvall thing. I caught a bit of that movie last month and I got a little bummed out thinking about how she was treated during filming. Hey what do you think Jack Nicholson was doing while Kubrick was handing her ass to her? I could kinda see him with arms crossed either laughing or yawning as he waited. I could also see him offering a lazy half-hearted defense with a slow,dry delivery....."Ease up a little Stan.....I think on take 45 she'll nail it". Anyway, I'm sure he didn't get any shit the way she did. That's really cool they put together a fundraiser for her. Maybe I'll donate. Happy Thanksgiving!

Anomalous Host said...

No ThanksKilling part 3? Oh well, heard it wasn't that great anyway.

Have either of you seen Hacksaw Ridge? Or do you not give a shit about that badass anti-semitic Mel Gibson dude making a comeback with a fairly good war film?

Kenny Teeology said...

I was going to suggest "Santa's Slay" for a Christmas movie in honor of Goldberg's comeback, but I notice you guys already reviewed it in episode #79. So maybe a commentary instead 😁

Kenny Teeology said...

Another F.ART - A book cover