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PODCAST 238: Mimic & Prince of Darkness [Anniversary Edition]

This week the Horror Duo take a second look at a pair of films that hit major milestones in 2017. Forest shares his thoughts on the Guillermo del Toro directed bug flick, Mimic. Cory interprets the often dismissed, and science heady John Carpenter film Prince of Darkness.

Cory & Forest also chat about future 2017 film, including; Cult of Chucky, The Return of Leslie Vernon, Rings, and the ridiculously titled The Predator. All this and did Queen Amidala have a secret affair with Obi Wan?


  • 00:00 Intro & News
  • 18:15 "Mimic"
  • 39:01 Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 39:46 "Prince of Darkness"
  • 60:54 Comments & Conclusion



★ ★ ½


★ ★ ★ ½

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chris reeves said...

Hey guys,Chris here! Happy New Year and hope you celebrated accordingly but within the bounds of the law :p Thanks for the glorious month of Ed Wood turkeys btw. They more than helped when it came to leftovers! I was writing in because I finally checked out 2013's Enemy, and I remember Forest saying he was a Denis Villeneuve fan. As expected, I was baffled by the ending and had to do some online research to find out what the hell that was all about. I just wondered if you guys had your own take on the film, or if you side with the Internet intellectuals? Thanks again and can't wait for the next podcast!!!

Kenny Teeology said...

Forest's description of "Mimic" reminded me of The Tick cartoon episode "Ants In Pants" wherein the ants gather up into human form and walk around in trench coats. The Tick freaks out and has to undergo therapy by wrestling Taft (their version of "Shaft") in an ant suit.

I found the most fascinating part of "Prince of Darkness" to be the warning from the future being transmitted back in time using Tachyons and being received by the crew in their dreams. The fuzzy apocalyptic figure gets clearer and clearer until the surprise reveal. The end dialogue, from another "of Darkness" film, could have been:
Catherine: "You found me beautiful , once."
Brian: "Honey...you got real ugly."

Top 5 Horror-Themed Modern Doctor Who Stories to See Before You Die
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#3 "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances" (S01 E09&10)
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Blake Matthews said...

The dream/transmissions sequences from PRINCE OF DARKNESS freaked me out as a kid.

I finally got around to watching BRUCE LEE FIGHTS BACK FROM THE GRAVE. It was pretty bad. I felt especially sorry for Susan, since the main character's English wasn't good enough to read the sign she waved that read: "There's room in my panties for you", although his English was good enough to bilk her out of Money at every turn. The lead protagonista, Bruce Lea (aka Jun Chong), was actually in an 80s Hollywood ninja-themed action movie called SILENT ASSASSINS, featuring Flash Gordon and Linda Blair.

Blake Matthews said...

While revisiting episode 144, a question popped up in my mind: Did Forest ever follow up the torture session that was SOUL PLANE with one of Bill Clinton's favorite movies: WHO'S YOUR CADDY?