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PODCAST 245: The Clones of Bruce Lee & The Dragon Lives Again [Bruceploitation Redux Edition]

This week the Horror Duo return to the kung fu genre to FINALLY do Bruceploitation justice. Forest reviews the quintessential Bruce Lee rip-off, The Clones of Bruce Lee. Cory watches a a film that leaves him speechless - The Dragon Lives Again - a film about Bruce Lee kicking ass in the after life...with Popeye the Sailor Man?

Also, Forest holds the Oscars to the coals for a number of reasons, including the way the animation category always gets abused. Cory rages about filing his taxes, but then takes the edge off with Magic the Gathering. They wonder what new discoveries will be made within the Trappist-1 Space System and James Gunn orders the death of many in an office building.

All this and Forest replaces his part time job with a big boy full time job - congratulations! Be sure to check out their first attempt at Bruceploitation, in Podcast 106.


  • 00:00 Intro & News
  • 22:34 "The Clones of Bruce Lee"
  • 41:06 Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 42:36 "The Dragon Lives Again"
  • 60:56 Comments & Conclusion



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★ ½

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Blake Matthews said...

Excellent podcast, guys! Thanks for the chopsockey action!

Some interesting facts and tidbits:

- Bruce Liang, who was in Dragon Lives Again, was probably the most physically-talented of the Bruce Lee imitators, even though it might not be apparent in that film. He was pretty busy during the 70s, but suffered a sort of black list in Hong Kong in the 80s when he started making TV programs in Mainland China. But he enjoyed a career revival in Hong Kong following the success of KUNG FU HUSTLE in 2004.

- The Korean title for CLONES OF BRUCE LEE translates as “Three Robots Get the Death Penalty.”

- It’s sort of ironic that Bolo Yeung would teach the animal styles to the Bruce Lee clones. First of all, Bruce Lee’s original training was in Wing Chun, which doesn’t feature any animal techniques. Second, Bruce Lee’s entire martial philosophy eschewed traditional movements, routines, and forms in favor of techniques that would be practical in a real fight. His Jeet Kune Do was the original mixed martial art, combining elements of wing chun, tae kwon do, Western boxing, judo, and Filipino escrima.

- Dragon Lee, who plays Bruce Lee #1 in CLONES OF BRUCE LEE, is actually Korean.

- Bruce Le, who plays Bruce Lee #2 in CLONES…, is ethnically Chinese, but was born and raised in Burma. His real name is Huang Kin Lung. He frequently choreographed and directed his own movies, even outside of the Brucesploitation genre. One of his notable films is COMFORT WOMEN, which covers material similar to the notorious MEN BEHIND THE SUN.

- The Blind Kung Fu Master in DRAGON LIVES AGAIN is actually Zatoichi, a popular Japanese character in film at the time. The Zatoichi films were the inspiration for the 80s actioner BLIND FURY with Rutger Hauer.

Blake Matthews said...

So St. Patrick's Day is coming up. How are you going to feel the void created when you finished that horrid Leprechaun series? Two suggestions: Darby O'Gill and the Little People and the 1962 JACK THE GIANT KILLER, which features a leprechaun.

Kenny Teeology said...

The Dragon Lives Again sounds like the modern Lego movies wherein Warner Bros. can bring in characters from all across their movie properties. TDLA is much crazier of course.