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PODCAST 249: Blade & Tank Girl [Another 90's Comics Edition]

This week the Horror Duo conclude their exploration of 90's superhero movies. Forest shares his thoughts on the gothic, techno-rave fueled adaptation of Marvel Comics' Blade. Cory endures a flamboyant punk landscape of the futuristic dystopia that is Tank Girl.

Cory talks about seeing Pauly Shore - the man who built MTV - at Jr's Last Laugh Comedy Club and Forest defends the merits of Shore's Encino Man. Cory just might subscribe to Shudder just to watch Ken Russell's The Devils, and hopes that maybe someday the same will be true for Crispin Glover's films. They also weigh in on what advances should be made regarding female filmmakers and lady superhero films.


  • 00:00 Intro & News
  • 27:36 "Blade"
  • 51:22 Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 52:18 "Tank Girl"
  • 82:00 Comments & Conclusion



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Blake Matthews said...

Handicap Man is actually Handi Man, a Damon Wayans sketch from IN LIVING COLOR.

Forest said that Pauly Shore never cast a black person in his movies. That’s not quite true. Comic actor David Allen Grier was one of the three main characters of IN THE ARMY NOW. And the third main character? Tank Girl’s Lori Petty!

Moreover, one of the actors in TANK GIRL was rapper Ice T, who starred alongside fellow rapper Ice Cube in TRESPASS, who had a supporting role in the 90s police drama THE GLASS SHIELD, co-starring…Lori Petty!

So Tank Girl takes a shower with hygiene powder, does that mean she’s getting dry cleaned?

About Terry and Wanda in SPAWN being involved in kinky stuff, Wanda *was* played by Theresa Randle, who was in Spike Lee’s GIRL 6, where she plays a phone sex attendant.

Anomalous Host said...

Game of Death is bullshit! You want the real Game of Death? Get the special edition of the movie Enter the Dragon that has the documentary Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey. That documentary shows the footage he shot in all its full uncut glory, and it runs at roughly 30 minutes in length, and it's all basically nonstop fighting against 3 foes. Now, fighting against just 3 guys may not seem like that much, but 30 minutes is like 1/3rd of a movie.

You can view that footage, and the story behind it, here:

Anyway, speaking of the 90s, you guys plan on reviewing the original 1995 Power Rangers film? I didn't enjoy the reboot that much, it's bland, forgettable, and exists as an advertisement for Krispy Kreme donuts.

Woohoo! Can't wait for the next episode! In case you need a link for the Director's Cut ending to Phase IV:


Nah, just kidding, here's the real link:

Randy Brown said...

First off I have to say that your show is like drugs to me. If I don't get my weekly hit I wander around dazed and confused like the fat kid in Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. Therefore from this point forward unless you wanna see a fat kid drown in lots of liquid chocolate you will never miss posting another episode per week.

Forest's challenge of picking one favorite movie per year is impossible for me to do. I am constantly watching anywhere from 200 to 500 newer and movies per year and I am always discovering great movies. For instance Charly (1968) recently surprised me as to how good it is.

I like the movie Encino Man also. So Forest you are not alone. I expect you to send me a friendship letter now written with mustard and ketchup bottles the same as Brendan Fraser did in the movie.

Your Netflix talk made me re-imagine the scene from Waterboy with Kathy Bates and Adam Sandler with her telling him, "Bobby Boucher! Netflix is The Devil!".

As far as companies holding onto movies and made for TV series and not releasing them I always scratch my head. When stuff like Dark Secret Of Harvest Home won't be released but garbage like Titanic gets a Blu-ray release does it only proves that Blade is right and that Vampires have invaded all forms of politics, even the entertainment business. Proof of this exists with releases like Dracula: Dead and Loving It, proving that vampires even have a sense of humor as they pull strings behind the scenes.

Remakes, yeah I'm torn. On one hand I hate them but then gems pop up like John Carpenter's The Thing and Judge Dredd. Not much more I can say on this topic.

I agree with both your reviews on both of the films Blade and Tank Girl. Keep up the great work.

I need my weekly fix.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of comic movie/shows: If you have not yet checked out the FX channel's Legion, I highly recommend it. Created by Noah Hawley (creator of the hit TV series Fargo) it is about Charles Xavier's son David Haller, A.K.A. Legion. I am not familiar with this powerful mutant, but in the TV show mutants are not known about by many & Haller is told all his life he is schizophrenic seeing things/people not there. The first episode starts with him in a mental institution as an adult. Throughout the 7 episodes of season the viewer is sometimes not sure what is real like the character & at times so bizarre I expected Agent Dale Cooper to show up. Supposedly to keep the actor of kilter, he is kept in the dark about certain things until filming starts. Legion's best friend was originally supposed to be a middle aged man but they cast Audbrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation) & she told them not to change the dialogue to match her sex just to make things more off kilter. That is all I will say as I think it is a show that should be experienced without to much knowledge going in.

John Walkiewicz