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PODCAST 281: Brain Dead & Innocent Blood

This week the Horror Duo share their thoughts about a pair of films that have been donated to them by regular listener and filthy animal Anomalous Host. Forest discusses Brain Dead, a trippy paranoid film about madness starring Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman. Cory dives into the mind of John Landis while reviewing his 90's vampire/mob flick Innocent Blood.

They also chat about Jigsaw, the latest installment in the Saw franchise, making "Oscar Bait: The Movie", and what is to come with the returned popularity of Stephen King properties. All this and Cory shares an instance when he was deeply and irrevocably assaulted by a sleazy man-nerd.


★ ★ ★ ½



★ ★ ★



  • 00:00 - Introduction & News
  • 21:55 - "Brain Dead"
  • 37:55 - Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 39:34 - "Innocent Blood"
  • 59:44 - Comments & Conclusion


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Blake Matthews said...

Not to covet praise belonging to Anomalous Host, Forest spoke as if he'd never heard of INNOCENT BLOOD, but I actually mentioned it in regards to Don Rickles' death in episode #251.

Anomalous Host said...

@Blake Matthews

Glad you guys enjoyed the films, though I am a bit disappointed in myself for not offering you guys films that you would rate higher. Well, just so long as you don't have butterflies in your brain.

Regarding Innocent Blood, trust me Cory, unless you saw it on HDNET Movies recently, the version you saw would've been the inferior US Theatrical Cut which not only cuts down on the violence, but also on the sex scene (fuck you people, I want sex!). Plus, you have to admit, that scene in the hospital with the vampire burning up was awesome (with priceless reactions from all the nurses).

Regarding Brain Dead, I think I know what would've made it rated higher. If there was a sex scene between Pullman and his (supposed) wife, and Pullman looks up to see a picture of butterflies he has as a portrait somewhere in the room, then he looks down at his wife who is now a giant brain, which he is still fucking, and then he loses his shit and wakes up. His wife is concerned and asks if he's alright, and he says, "No, and I never want to have sex again."

Blake Matthews said...

I think for Turkey Month, the two of you need to delve into the collected works of Bill Rebane (best known for The Giant Spider Invasion and the awesomely inept They/Invasion from Inner Earth) and Larry Buchanan (Mars Needs Women; The Eye Creatures; Zontar, the Thing from Venus).

Kenny Teeology said...

Would it be an offense to the very foundation of Slaughterfilm if I were to give review requests of self-contained and cinematic Television episodes with horror themes?

chris reeves said...

I only checked out Innocent Blood after hearing you guys were gonna cover it and my god at times I forgot I was watching a Landis movie. Then when Robert Loggia gives a monologue while lit on CG fire it reminded me immediately. Good picks this week guys. I meant to discuss this in an earlier comment but it would be awesome if you guys did a show based on Bruno Matteis women in prison flicks Violence in a Women’s Prison and Women’s Prison Massacre. In true Mattei fashion actors are recycled between films the dubbing is laughable and gay stereotypes are even mentioned! Have a great month guys!