SF POD 290: Space Hunter & The Vindicator [Canuxploitation Edition]

This week the Horror Duo salute the Great White North by discussing a pair of Canadian produced films. Forest appreciates the strong female lead in "Space Hunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone", and Cory plays "which one of these things is not like the other" with Canada's "The Vindicator" and "RoboCop".

They also chat about getting dumped on by a record breaking amount of snow, Tarantino directing the next "Star Trek" film, and the every growing mystery that is Tommy Wiseau. All this and they invent a Augmented Reality App that allows people to devour their friends and family by dinosaurs.

"The Brood" (1979)
"Curtains" (1983)
"Ghostkeeper" (1981)
"Happy Birthday To Me" (1981)
"Deathdream"/AKA: "Dead of Night" (1972)
"The Brain" (1988)
"Food of The Gods II" (1989)
"Humongous" (1982)
"The Pit" (1981)
"Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare" (1986)
"The Uncanny" (1977)
"Zombie Nightmare" (1986)
"The Vindicator" (1986)
"Spasms" (1983)
"Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone" (1983)