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PODCAST 292: The Brain & The Brain [Brain Food Edition]

This week The Horror Duo take on a pair of films who's titular character is the most important organ of the human body. No, no, ya sick-Os! It's the Brain! Forest discusses the 1962 film The Brain and Cory rants about how the media wants to brainwash you while reviewing the 1988 The Brain.

Forest talks about joining the ranks of the Film Society of Northwest Pennsylvania by working the projection booth for Film Grain, Cory supposes what it would be like to work as a flight attendant for Area 51, and they both discuss is and what should have been regarding Star Wars: The Last Jedi. All this and make sure to turn out for a screening of Hell Comes to Frogtown at the Erie Movie House February 16th.


★ ★



★ ★ ★



  • 00:00 - Introduction & News
  • 29:05 - "The Brain"
  • 40:54 - Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 42:02 - "The Brain"
  • 62:10 - Comments & Conclusion


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Blake Matthews said...

Celebrity Deaths:

Author Ursula K. Le Guin: https://www.thewrap.com/ursula-k-le-guin-left-hand-of-darkness-author-dies-at-88/

Peter Wyngarde - http://variety.com/2018/tv/global/peter-wyngarde-dies-dead-jason-king-1202668022/

Bradford Dillman (of Bug; The Swarm; and Piranha) - https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/bradford-dillman-dead-actor-compulsion-way-we-were-was-87-1075818

Albert Bettcher, a cameraman for nearly 50 years on films including King Kong 76, Blade Runner, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, 34 episodes of Batman 1966 - https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/albert-bettcher-dead-cameraman-bye-bye-birdie-graduate-batman-was-97-1076124

Dorothy Malone, an Oscar winning actress for Written on the Wind - http://variety.com/2018/film/people-news/dorothy-malone-dies-dead-peyton-place-1202670315/

Alison Shearmur, a producer of movies such as Rogue One, Solo, Power Rangers, and the Hunger Games series -

Blake Matthews said...

So what did the two of you think of MANIAC (1934)? What was the audience reaction to it?

Forest said that he can’t remember THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE? Isn’t that the one where the aliens brainwash everyone except the guy who has a metal plate in his head?

With regards to Freddie Francis, he did a lot of those anthology films from the late 60s and early 70s, like the original TALES FROM THE CRYPT. He also did some Gaslight-esque thrillers like NIGHTMARE and PARANOIAC, both of which I recommend.

Blake Matthews said...

Also, you didn't mention the death of Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries.

Anomalous Host said...

Yeah, the whole De-Feminized cut of Star Wars is a stupid thing. That being said, there are some legit grievances behind it (though better executed as fan fiction).

You say audience expectations is what got them to hate this new Star Wars film, that it didn't adhere to their fan theories, how they wanted the story to go, etc. I say you're off base. While there are some people who hate the movie for that reason, they're in the minority. The real reason is because the film is chock-full of plot holes, logical fallacies, and subliminal advertising for feminism and #resist that it's practically too blunt to be considered subliminal. I mean, for crying out loud, the main villain ship is called the (white) Supremacy, and Snoke is dressed like Hugh Hefner, that lady from Jurassic Park has the hair style of a radical feminist, and Rey has no real serious obstacles to overcome by the end of the thing (more-so than the previous film), much less any faults in her character (I fucking hate that, and any character who has no faults for that matter, characters without faults are not human).

Not to mention pretty much all the villains are so incompetent and dumb as fuck that I didn't feel any real threat from them, at all, save for a brief moment with Snoke, which didn't last long.

And you can say what you want about the twist of Rey's parents not being anyone special being a decent surprise. The problem with that twist is that is reinforces the notion that Rey is a Mary Sue, who gets way too powerful and skilled way too fast without any training (the training she received from Luke was nothing; I mean for fuck's sake, she was the one training him!), and now has no backstory that can justify this element to her whatsoever.

Make no mistake, the grievances people have with this film are legit. And I aim to revisit it sometime down the road by going beyond my initial review which covered the problems the film had on the surface, and going more in-depth.

Anomalous Host said...

Oh, and one more thing. Not wanting to purchase/support a movie because it's directed by or stars or is produced by some cocksucker who molested/raped/assaulted someone is an ignorant fucking thing to do. It's ignorant because that also results in just about everyone else involved with the film getting less of a cut. For instance, not purchasing some Roman Polanski film simply because it's directed by him, and you're supporting a dude who did pedophilia some 30+ years ago (the victim of that crime would probably be over it by now if not for the fucking media continually bringing this shit up and trying to drag her into it when she wants to be left alone, I say that makes them about as bad as the criminal in this case). You know what else that does? That also doesn't support the actors, the screenwriters, the producers, stunt-men/women, extras, special effects crew, cinematographer, etc. You're taking it out on the rest of them as well, as collateral damage. So just hating an individual responsible for the creation of the film shouldn't be enough to say, "You're not getting any of this money," because you're also making that same statement to others who were involved who likely had nothing to do with it.

Now, if it turned out others involved did have something to do with it, and if there's a reason to hate several parties involved, which could involve a large portion of Hollywood in general (I refuse to believe it's THAT bad and THAT widespread, accusations shouldn't be enough otherwise that disregards the whole "innocent until proven guilty" mindset; doesn't mean it shouldn't be looked into though), or if the film is just plain shit, then that's enough of a reason not to give any money to it.

Oh, and one more fun note, Disney wanted The Last Jedi to do well in China, hence the existence of the Rose character. Well, it bombed the first week over there, and by the end of the second week, China stopped showing the movie altogether. Brings a big smile to my face.