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PODCAST 295: The Love Witch & Bride of Chucky [Valentine's Edition]

This week the Horror Duo discuss relationships in horror to celebrate the totally made up holiday that is Valentine's Day. Forest covers The Love Witch and shares his thoughts on filmmaker Anna Biller's commentary on gender in horror. Cory takes the low road by chatting about the self-referential Child's Play sequel Bride of Chucky starring the amazing Jennifer Tilly.

Forest & Cory chat about trying to get a hold of Len Kabasinski so they can appear in one of his films. Cory shares his excitement for Cloverfield Paradox and The Greasy Strangler. All this and Cory basks in the fiery demise of Philadelphia's post Super Bowl victory party.


★ ★ ★ ½



★ ★ ★ ½



  • 00:00 - Introduction & News
  • 21:40 - "The Love Witch"
  • 50:58 - Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 53:15 - "Bride of Chucky"
  • 71:41 - Comments & Conclusion


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Blake Matthews said...

The first puppet sex film, predating MEET THE FEEBLES, is the 1976 film LET MY PUPPETS COME.

Here's a review: http://www.the-unknown-movies.com/unknownmovies/reviews/rev275.html

In Brazil, we have racism against Bolivian people, who come to Brazil en masse to work in horrid conditions in the garment industy because there are almost no possibilities for them in their homeland. You're either rich or you're completely screwed. Brazilian people comment that they all look the same, since most Bolivian people are descended from the same Indian tribe. Also, they joke about how every Bolivian woman you see is either pregnant or carrying a baby with her.

In Asian culture, there's a lot of prejudice directed at Hmong people (who were the focal point of GRAN TORINO), as they are the "Asian people without a country"--they live in the highlands of Laos, Thailand and Southern China. It wasn't until relatively recently that they had a written language. I had Vietnamese friends whose parents said that they didn't mind if they dated any other Asian group...except a Hmong.

Anomalous Host said...

Loved the comments made regarding feminism and horror. With regards to labeling feminism/masculinity to action people do, I actually made a video on that a while back that you'll probably get a kick out of:

One last note on that whole thing about blacks not having as many open opportunities as whites, that may be true to an extent (though if it is true, I believe it's been exaggerated), it's also true for whites to another extent. Whites nowadays also have some opportunities limited because of their color. Look at what's been going on at Google for instance:

Anomalous Host said...

Oh, right, and I made a review for black history month and valentine's day. A review of a film I recommended to you guys a long while back. Well, guess I beat ya to it. If you're curious as to what that film was, here's a link to my mystery review:


Blake Matthews said...

Why would Anna Biller get offended by people seeing the work of past filmmakers (Jess Franco, Russ Meyer) other than those that she says inspired her? Isn't all art up to interpretation?