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PODCAST 296: Abby & Blackenstein [Black Horror Edition]

This week the Horror Duo return to Blaxploitation in celebration of Black History Month. This time around they each address a pair of films that are black versions of existing successful films. Forest is pleasantly surprised by the Black Exorcist - Abby and Cory is disappointed by the lack luster Black Frankenstein - Blackenstein.

They also chat about the future doom that is Vince McMahon's return of the XFL, an Oscar drinking game and a possible return of John Carpenter to filmmaking. All this and they explain the inevitable downfall comic book movies - the complicated cannon and continuity of all.


★ ★ ½



★ ★



  • 00:00 - Introduction & News
  • 24:32 - "Abby"
  • 42:15 - Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 43:58 - "Blackenstein"
  • 57:39 - Comments & Conclusion


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Blake Matthews said...

One more classical monster that got the blaxploitation treatment was THE WATTS MONSTER, aka DR. BLACK, MR. HYDE. It stars the late Bernie Casey.

So what did Forest think of the film 50 SHADES FREED? Was it at least better than the second one?

Ben said...

Hey guys, I know the Superbowl has been over for a few weeks now, but I just caught up with your last podcast #295 featuring commentary on rowdy celebrating in Philly.  I live just outside the city, and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the most important celebration event of all: A guy kneels down on the street in front of some fresh horse-poop and gleefully shoves his mouth full of it while his friends cheer him on (lots of video documentation online if you care to see it).  So don’t go thinking Eagles fans are all completely disrespectful to their fellow neighbors and citizens….this guy was only harming himself. Somewhat akin to the chewing tobacco vs. second hand smoke argument.  Anyway….that’s my big contribution to the comment section this week.

chris reeves said...

Hey guys glad you havent let the winter weather turn you into Jack Nicholson-esque frozen statues. The best part of falling behind on your show is all the time you get to spend catching back up! Forest's review of Abby was especially delightful cause it marked the return of the "just like that other movie" trope! Oh,rip-offs! Enjoy the Slayer show if you managed to grab tickets!!!