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PODCAST 297: Cleopatra Jones & TNT Jackson [Bad Sistas Edition]

This week the Horror Duo round our Black History Month with another pair of blaxploitation flicks. Forest praises the "state sponsored" and very Bond-like Cleopatra Jones. Cory shares his thoughts on the lack luster TNT Jackson.

The Duo also chat about the highs and lows of Black Panther - the newest addition to the Marvel cinematic universe. Cory rants about 17 dead people and how everyone listening should take control of their lives and reach their goals in 2018. All this and make sure to visit Forest & Cory on Friday, March 23rd at the Erie Movie House for their presentation of Abel Ferrara's Driller Killer!


★ ★ ★ ½



★ ★ ½



  • 00:00 - Introduction & News
  • 31:45 - "Cleopatra Jones"
  • 48:56 - Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 49:48 - "TNT Jackson"
  • 69:06 - Comments & Conclusion


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chris reeves said...

Great episode once again guys! I can always count on Slaughter Film to give blaxploitation its due. Btw congrats on 6 years of consistantly great material. You guys make the walks to work a little more bearable and life a little more easy to laugh at. I can see the street people but now i dont have to hear them lol.Ps what are your thoughts on Glenn Tipton having to leave Judas Priest due to Parkinson's,if any? Thanks again and Slaughter Film for president!!!!

Blake Matthews said...

Your take-away message on Black Panther had me a little confused: Are you saying that corporate-produced product like the Marvel Universe films shouldn't be treated by adults as anything such? Don't you think that there's a director or writer who's really trying to sneak in some thoughtful material within the constraints given to him? And if so, shouldn't that be celebrated and discussed?

I hope Forest reviews the second Cleopatra Jones film next year, which is supposed to be a lot of fun.

I should be sending your package at the end of March.

Simplistic Reviews said...
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Simplistic Reviews said...

Hey dudes, great show as always. I like your take on Black Panther. Interesting ideas with isolationism, colonialism and identity, but at the end of the day its still a "punch the bad guy in the face" type of ending. I don't know, but I'm Marvel'd out as well and just comic book'd out in general.

Also, would like to know your thoughts on "Annihilation" if you've caught it.

And Cory, being a collector, not sure if you've checked out "Nintendo Quest" yet, but it might be worth your time.

Congrats on crawling to episode 300 the next couple of weeks, and thanks for the shout out.


Blake Matthews said...

Okay, so Cory compared nerds giving their money to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to them lining up to have a bully shake their lunch money off of them. I think a better analogy would be that of a prostitute who works out of her posh apartment. She only wants your money, but the set-up is enticing and experience does give one pleasure, even if any emotional connections are only part of the package and nothing all that deep and lasting. The nerds are giving Disney money, but at the same time, they want superhero movies and toys.

In my opinion, nerds lining up for a bully to take their lunch money would be Sony's handling of the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN films or Fox's handling of the FANTASTIC FOUR characters (in all three movies): there's nothing to be gotten in return.

Anonymous said...

Hey, somewhat unrelated question but what software/ hardware would you recommend to filthy animals interested in starting their own podcast?

Kenny Teeology said...

Kilt-wearing Forest knows what it’s like dressing up for cultural pride. I don’t mean to try to “white-splain” what Black Panther means to many black people, but I can imagine their thinking to be along the lines of: “We have no idea which part of Africa our ancestors are from and therefore we have little sense of our specific cultural heritage. Lets all stand united and celebrate being from Wakanda, at least for a little while, just like millions of Americans will pretend to be Irish on March 17th.”
Love the show!