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PODCAST 306: Mon Mon Mon Monsters! & Final Exam [School's Out Edition]

This week the Horror Duo chat about the warming temperatures and how this is an early sign that students will soon begin their summer vacations. Inspired by this, they take on a pair of school related flicks. Forest discusses the Shudder exclusive Mon Mon Mon Monsters!. Cory covers the golden age of the slasher movies with Final Exam - proving it to be the Gone With the Wind of the slasher movies.

They also chat about the WWE's Greatest Royal Rumble which was very obviously little more than a Saudi cash grab. They also cover the capture of the Golden State Killer and how public DNA records are used to solve cold cases. All this and Cory uncovers the truth behind #1 Pencils and "Thanos: Hands of Fate"!


★ ★ ½



★ ★ ½



  • 00:00 - Introduction & News
  • 20:22 - "Mon Mon Mon Monsters!"
  • 33:39 - Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 35:18 - "Final Exam"
  • 57:12 - Comments & Conclusion


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Anomalous Host said...

So regarding the previous podcast, 2 things I should mention.

1.) I left out one other detail as to why I believe films have plateaud. It's also because a good portion of them (the mainstream theatrical ones anyway) aren't made as much for U.S. audiences as you may think. No, they're being made now for international audiences, especially the Chinese, who are becoming more of a source of profit than local American audiences are.

2.) Regarding the indie films, of course some would eventually be made to appease LGBT people. Stuff like that was already popping up during the 90s, like Boys Don't Cry, or The Crying Game, and those are just the more well-known ones. My point being that the independent films, regardless of quality, regardless of fame, they will be made for any and every group. That's not the problem. The problem is getting such films into mainstream cinema, into theaters (hell, I think those previous 2 films just mentioned were in theaters at the time).

And here's the biggest problem, the divide. You obviously don't like Trump, and I'm pretty sure at least some of your grievances are well-founded. However, there are those like me who do support Trump Trump (at least a decent portion of the time, not all the time; there's no such thing as a perfect politician, let alone human being), and who agree with a good portion of the points he makes, of the things he stands for, because they are relevant to our/their experiences and beliefs.

For example, a lot in the mainstream have the belief that illegal immigrants (despite the several renamings of the term, their very definition is a crime) shouldn't be so welcomes in the United States, or at least not so easily. People like me who have had at least one friend and/or acquaintance lose their life because of an immigrant, who are cheated by a system that favors illegals over them; nevermind what the legal immigrants think of them (people who worked their ass off to become citizens). What film is made to appease that viewpoint? In the last 20 years, let alone 5?

And most important, where are the films that are critical of leftist/democratic viewpoints? There sure as shit are plenty that are critical of conservatives (a decent amount, to be fair, do have good points and are great films in-part because of that). But where's the balance? Where's the alternatives? On the indie scene? Even those tend to be limited due in part to backlash from political parties/organizations. For example, you may want to take a good look at both the film and the story behind the film The Red Pill, the only film I've seen in recent memory that challenges the feminist movement.


And lastly, if one can be critical of straight guys, then one should also be critical of gays and LGBTs. If one can be critical of whites, one can be critical of blacks (and all the other colors of the rainbow; ie of other races). I'm not seeing that sense of balance out there.

Anomalous Host said...

One more thing, on a different topic, relating to Channel Awesome (and because I'm pretty sure none of what I mentioned earlier is going to be mentioned in the next podcast), you might be interested in seeing a video showcasing the downward spiral of Spoony:


Blake Matthews said...

This past weekend I saw SPRING, which Forest had recommended a few years back. I loved it. Thanks for the recommendation!

About mainstream films presenting a right-wing perspective, I have one leftist friend who accuses THE DARK KNIGHT RISES of being a right-wing fantasy.

Also, I have one friend of a Leftist persuasion who once commented on Facebook that someone told him to check out Michael Bay's 13 HOURS. His response was to the effect of "Why would I want to see a right-wing interpretation of a tragedy that was all the GOP's fault?" I found that position surprising, since most people tend to blame Hillary for Benghazi.

In this sense, I miss the 1990s. We had an entire genre of "Life in da' Hood" movies, which weren't afraid to say that black people were the black people's worst enemy. Also, you had movies like PRIMARY COLORS and WAG THE DOG, which addressed/criticized some aspects of the Clinton administration. Heck, even the second NAKED GUN film turned Barbara Bush into a literal punching back while simultaneously taking potshots at the Democrats. There were comic book movies about minority and female characters that nobody accused the filmmakers of pushing an agenda.

Andrew said...

Regarding the Golden State Killer - This is the same guy I asked you about a month ago or so (before that moniker was invented he was know as the East Area Rapist and the Original Night Stalker). Therefore I think his arrest is clearly due to the publicity you guys gave the case on your podcast! Great job guys! :)

Since you mentioned Channel Awesome I was wondering what you think of the Nostalgia Critic show now, putting aside the behind-the-scenes drama with CA. You didn't say you watch it so I guess you aren't really fans.

Andrew said...

P.S. the best thing by far to come out of Channel Awesome controversy is Guru Larry's shitposting and the #ChannelLarry memes on twitter.