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PODCAST 314: Why Don't You Play in Hell? & Neon Maniacs [Movies That Kill Edition]

This week Forest brings his "Oh the Humanity, oh the Japanity" series to an end with Why Don't You Play in Hell? about a filmmaker who allows a Japanese mob movie to bankroll the filming of their own mob war...king of. Cory follows up his House reviews with another odd duck, Neon Maniacs about genre movies that kill...kind of.

The Horror Duo also sound off about the new level of insanity reached by blood thirsty and irate Star Wars fans who want to raise money to remake The Last Jedi - complete which includes talk of "sucking from a weird milk tit". Cory discusses the life and career of the late Vinne Paul (Pantera). Forest shares memories of playing Final Fantasy 2 as a child. All this and the Duo pontificate what Night of the Living Dead would be life if Duane Jones were replaced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.


★ ★ ★ ★



★ ★ ★



  • 00:00 - Introduction & News
  • 30:02 - "Why Don't You Play in Hell?"
  • 48:52 - Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 51:06 - "Neon Maniacs"
  • 73:13 - Comments & Conclusion


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Blake Matthews said...

The Japanese Bruce Lee in "Why Don't You Play in Hell" was played by Tak Sakaguchi. Sakaguchi served as the fight choreographer of Godzilla Final Wars, and was discovered by its director, Ryuhei Kitamura, who witnessed him doing streetfighting a lá Van Damme's LIONHEART. Sakaguchi's big film break was Ryuhei Kitamura's VERSUS, an ultraviolent hybrid of martial arts films, Yakuza movies, and zombie cinema.

Blake Matthews said...

Harlan Ellison passed way: https://www.imdb.com/news/ni62113518?pf_rd_m=A2FGELUUNOQJNL&pf_rd_p=73ff69c3-cf0f-4468-ab90-5a2ea2639a0b&pf_rd_r=BD1494TF697J6YGG9SQH&pf_rd_s=center-6&pf_rd_t=15061&pf_rd_i=homepage&ref_=hm_nw_tp1

Anomalous Host said...

The Last Jedi "It's just a movie, calm down."

Fuck off. It's more than a movie to a lot of people. Some films are more than just films. They exist as a form of entertainment, and entertainment is something everyone needs (yes, "need", not "want"). And if you listen to the discussions and arguments, you'll find that they make good points for being pissed at the movie. It's not that it's a movie, it's what the movie represents.

For the neutral folk like yourselves, if it means nothing, then it's not a discussion you should be involved in. Considering you've mentioned the film and the controversy on a few occasions, so you mine as well as drop the pretense, since you seem to care. For others who were fans of the star wars saga/franchise, it represents a major irreparable flaw in the Star Wars universe, with story flaws, character flaws, betrayals of personalities/rules setup in the past (and in the same film), and a film that exists more as feminist anti-capitalist propaganda and less as a Star Wars Story. And then there are those who don't really give a damn about Star Wars in general, and just enjoy the movie for the spectacle (shutting their brains off to anything requiring 2 seconds of thought), and/or are all for the feminist anti-capitalist message (and they're all hypocrites).

In addition, the film represents where the Star Wars franchise is headed unless something is done soon (assuming it's not too late). Some get too violent or illogical about it, such as that fund-raising event to remake the film (it's not that they will remake it themselves, they want to raise funds to give to Disney under the agreement that they will remake the film with the raised budget in the way these fans desire), and it's wishful thinking in my opinion. Others troll supporters of the film on Twitter and stuff, calling them shills and whatnot (but in all fairness, they are right some of the time). But if nothing else, this is a backlash against Disney for doing the same thing to the fans, sending their own shills to troll them, convincing youtube to demonetize accounts, remove comments/videos/accounts, and not taking anyone's arguments seriously, even if it's well-founded criticism.

This isn't just a rabid fan-base, it's also a rabid corporate-base. The fans don't want to see anymore Star Wars films released that are this politically driven, and are protesting both the film, future Star Wars films, and Disney, until they either get taken seriously, or until Star Wars dies. They just want a film where the writers, directors, and producers know the lore and the source material, and wish to create a new film with great care in this regard. The fact that the new film took less care than the prequel trilogy did says something.

As for the character who played Rose, I'm not so sure she quit Instagram because she was being relentlessly trolled. There's no record showing her being trolled, no comment screenshots, and not even her word on it. It's the word of Disney staff saying that's how it is. Comes off as some other form of damage control by using anti-feminism as a scapegoat or something.

Anomalous Host said...

Speaking of re-evaluating the prequels, I have done just that:

And in addition, I plan on doing a re-review of The Last Jedi, to showcase precisely how it's more than just a movie, why the fan rage is justified, and why the criticism should be taken seriously. But as a warm-up for this, you might want to check this video out which explains this position more clearly than I can:

Christ, and I was about to recommend a movie for you guys to continue on with the batshit crazy Japanese flicks (Suicide Club, available on YouTube, uncut). I have an idea, why don't you give me a reason not to take this seriously. "It's just a movie" is not an excuse that will hold weight. I guarantee it. That's like saying Seven Samurai is only a movie, or that The Godfather is only a movie. Movies can change lives, and people make a living making and critiquing/talking about movies. Besides, if it was just a movie made solely for entertainment purposes and nothing else, Kathleen Kennedy wouldn't be promoting the message "The Force is Female."

So what do you say? Put into practice what you said many many months ago?

"Having them exist is an opportunity for conversation."

"If people would just sit the fuck down, and talk about things…"