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WRITTEN REVIEW: Goddess of Love

Bitches be crazy, am I right? Well okay, that isn't a fair question. But in the case of Venus – the Goddess of Love - it's pretty spot on.

Goddess of Love is about a young aspiring dancer, Venus, played by Alexis Kendra (Hatchet 2), who is studying to become a professional ballet dancer while moonlighting as a dancer of the exotic variety to make ends meet.

She is creative - a talented cook, a dabbler of paint and she is teaching herself to speak French, but aside from her personal interests, it doesn't seem like she has very much going on. She lives a solitary life, seemingly without friends, family or relationships of any kind. That is, until she meets Brian, played by Woody Naismith. Brian is a successful photographer who frequents Venus' place of employment. Though they both know they shouldn't get involved with each other – he with a stripper and she with a client – they just can't help themselves and soon their relationship is a hot and heavy one.

Things are fine and well for a while, until Brian starts to feel guilty. He hasn't been long since his wife passed away and he can't shake the feeling that he's being unfaithful to his deceased wife. He breaks off his relationship with Venus, but she just can't get the suspicion out of her mind that he's broken it off with her so he can peruse one of his attractive models.

Soon Brian and his new lady friend learn the meaning of the old phrase; “there's no fury like a woman scorned” as she stalks him and has violent run-ins with her. Soon we see what may be a jilted lover seeking revenge, or a woman who's grip on reality is waning. Either way, the film ends in a bloodbath.

Goddess of Love is a fantastically accurate portrayal of a jealousy lover which is as close to a horror movie that the film ever gets, unfortunately. It's unsettling to see this shy and somewhat introverted woman twist into a totally vindictive and murderous predator.

I enjoyed quite a bit how Venus started to unravel and her grip on reality began to loosen. But I would have LOVED to see this concept taken further to manipulate the viewer. It's easy to watch a film that shows a character's perception of reality become questionable and shrug it off as; “Oh, they're going crazy”. It's much more difficult, but much more worth while to show the viewer the line between reality and illusion becoming blurred so they aren't even sure what reality is.

Don't just show the viewing audience insanity, but make them take that ride. Goddess of Love never reaches this destination, though it does move in that direction.

With that said, Goddess of Love is an interesting psychological thriller that's beautiful filmed, and filled with beautiful women. The technical aspects of the film are all solid. The acting, the writing, the camera work are all what I would hope to expect from a film that was an official selection at London's Fright Fest and the Stiges Film Festival. At times the lighting and cinematography reminded me of the 2012 remake of Maniac with it's pinks and blues. Whether it's borrowed or not, it looks great.

Goddess of Love, from writer/director duo Jon Knautz & Alexis Kendra, hits the streets on DVD June 12th from MPI. So if what I had to say about the film peaked your interest, be on the look out!


★ ★ ★