SF POD 315: Uncle Sam & Homecoming

This week the Horror Duo discuss a pair of patriotic themed films in celebration of Independence Day. Forest discusses the highs and lows of the questionable and often overlooked '90s pseudo-slasher "Uncle Sam". Cory revisits the cable series Masters of Horror by sharing his thoughts on the Joe Dante directed "Homecoming" - a "post 9/11 time capsule".

Also Forest gushes over "First Reformed", while also lamenting "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom". Cory covers his recent birthday celebration, polishing off this year's Summer School reviews and watching the latest Astron-6 flick "The Editor". All this and a more in depth discussion of what movies mean to Forest & Cory in light of the "Last Jedi" "controversy". This portion of the discussion lasts awhile. If you're bored, skip to the 97 minutes and 52 second mark for their very first voicemail comments!