HOLIDAY HORROR: A Complete Film Guide

It is that time of year when we get to eat, drink and be merry as we hang weeds from the ceiling and forcibly make-out with people. It's a fun time of year, but it's difficult as a horror fan to find something to watch that is both festive AND scary. So I decided to do some research. Below are EVERY holiday themed/set horror flicks to be on the look out for, as well as their subsequent sequels and remakes. Some are classics, while others you shouldn't touch with a...thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole.

There are a few extras thrown in for good measure. Either they are favorites of Slaughter Film, or they should be considered horror movies. Have we missed any? Are any of these your favorites?

This list was once made available here at Slaughter Film back in 2014, but over the years it grew outdated and was not mobile friendly. This UPDATED list has been moved to it's new home on Slaughter Film's Letterboxd account. Thanks!


If you're interested in MORE info about Holiday Horror flicks, check out the book "Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television". Cory had the opportunity to review it a while back for "Summer School".