SF POD 336: Train to Busan & The Wailing

This week the Horror Duo take on a pair of recently recommended Korean horror flicks. Forest takes a ride on a nice "Train to Busan" and Cory gets a dose of Korean suspicion with "The Wailing".

Forest goes on one last "Film Struck" binge before the streaming service sets sail into the sunset of no more, Cory mistakes Warwick Davis for Dion Warwick...again, and together they discuss the lost art of projectile vomiting. All this and Cory wonders, if Slaughter Film should finally cave to Parteron suggestions. What do you say; Does Slaughter Film have enough to offer to sustain itself via Patreon? Do you think Slaughter Film could attract supporters? Should Forest & Cory forget the entire idea and never bring it up again?