Slaughter Film is the home to an idea thought up by two genre film loving friends back in 2009. The idea being that many of us have fond memories of staying up late surfing basic cable, or getting together with friends to re-watch a classic and even renting movies as children with our parents. These memories are most often the ones that we hold dear over the movies themselves. It isn't necessarily what you've seen or how many times you've seen it, but who you were then and who you were with that made it so much fun.

The founders of Slaughter Film, Cory Carr and Forest Taylor, set out to discuss the films that they were passionate about but in a way that was casual, inclusive and on the internet. Beyond being fun and informative, Slaughter Film is a celebration of film. From Hollywood blockbuster to no budget indie. From technical perfection to laughable camp. Cory & Forest have always championed those who dared to dream, to create, and to tell their story.

In it's many forms, a Youtube channel, a podcast and a review website, Slaughter Film has been, and will be, an outlet for this sort of communal appreciation of an art form unlike any other.


How about a Short Film? If so, we would love to watch and review it. The staff here at Slaughter Film have weighed in on countless indie films and were once submission judges for a prominent film festival.



In late 2009, Slaughter Film began as a Youtube review series that used scripted skits to discuss horror and sci-fi films. This series ran for eighteen episodes before scheduling conflicts interrupted production. The show starred Cory Carr & Forest Taylor - two beer drinking, horror loving, metal listening degenerates - who are often visited by disembodied spirits, killers, and zombies as they review movies from the attic of their run-down Victorian home, located within the grounds of a cemetery. These early episodes were crude and colorful, but never meant to be mean spirited. The shows schlocky nature and off-beat sense of humor was just right for the fans of genre films, made by fans of genre films.


In the summer of 2012, Slaughter Film evolved into a weekly podcast and so much more, with the help of John Lindvay. Slaughter Film is a fun and informed discussion about genre films. Join the Horror Duo as they give high-brow a low-blow with their love of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, cult films and b-movie stinkers, as well as the subversive and strange.

The Slaughter Film Podcast shared much with its Youtube predecessor (friendly banter, beer drinking, dick jokes), but it strove to be more. For instance, the podcast took what the channel was doing, stripped it down and made it weekly. The Slaughter Film Podcast ran for 365 uninterrupted weeks (plus bonus episodes) before the cast decided to take vacation from the show in June of 2018.


The Horror Duo have also teamed up with the Erie Movie House to introduce horror and science fiction films - both Hollywood and indies - often pairing them with a short film. These "Slaughter Film Presents" continue the format of bringing their audience a mix of humor and background info about the films.

But that's not all! Forest & Cory have also worked with the Erie Library Comic Con (2015), presenting "The William Castle Experience". This presentation covered the life and career of director/producer/movie huckster William Castle before re-enacting some of Castle's in theater gimmicks during a screening of "The Tingler!" - complete with vibrating seats, courteous of "Percepto!".

After that, Cory returned to the Erie Library Comic Con (2018) with "Monsters are Real". This presentation covered the career of famed stop motion animator Ray Harryhausen before a screening of "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad". This presentation targeted young people who have an interest in film making - promoting the relative ease which young people can experiment with movie making in a modern world that is growing more and more technically convenient. Even with the average smartphone as aspiring teen filmmaker can begin trying their hand at cinematography and story telling.


The future is bright. Cory and Forest are looking forward to podcasting again. Soon they, and Rhiannon, "The Goth Intern", will be writing, reviewing and recording. The crew had plenty of ideas while they were away and are now ready to start implementing them.

But that's not all. They would like to open Slaughter Film up to contributing content creators.

Are you passionate about a topic that you think the Slaughter Film audience may be interested in? Do you have a blog or channel that has struggled to attract an audience? Do you enjoy what Slaughter Film offers but you would like to share your ideas to make it better? Contact Us!