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In late 2009, Slaughter Film began as a Youtube review series that used scripted skits to discuss horror and sci-fi films. This series ran for eighteen episodes before scheduling conflicts interrupted production. The show starred Cory Carr & Forest Taylor - two beer drinking, horror loving, metal listening degenerates - who are often visited by disembodied spirits, killers, and zombies as they review movies from the attic of their run-down Victorian home, located within the grounds of a cemetery.

In the summer of 2012, Slaughter Film evolved, with the help of John Lindvay, into a weekly podcast and so much more. Slaughter Film is a fun and informed discussion about genre films. Join the Horror Duo as they give high-brow a low-blow with their love of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, cult films and b-movie stinkers, as well as the subversive, off-beat and strange.

The Horror Duo are also film submission judges for the Eerie Horror Film Festival, contributing writers for the Erie Reader & are total geniuses!

If you would like them to view and review your film, shoot them an E-MAIL. But be ready to either mail them a copy of your film [DVD or BLU-RAY], or provide them with an online screener.


Slaughter Film is currently working on a supplemental podcast, Shock Talk, which will be more conversational and will focus less on reviewing specific films, rather, it will be an open discussion about genres, the careers or filmmakers and actors, or topics like censorship and it's impact on film. Be on the look out for Shock Talk.

Since the invention of the podcast, Slaughter Film has gone onto create several other series, as well as hold special events. For starters, they host the occasional Netflix Movie Night, in which they stream themselves on Youtube Live - providing a running commentary of a film made available on Netflix. It's like having Cory & Forest in your home to watch a movie together, and the best part is that you can add to the conversation by entering the live chat!

Ya like informative and entertaining commentaries to be paired up with some of your favorite films, similar Riff Trax? Well then, Mondo Commentaries are for you!

There is also begun a series devoted to the absolute best of a particular sub-genre, titled To See Before You Die!. So if you like lists and crazy stuff like Troma or melt movies, then To See Before You Die! is for you.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!