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Mondo Commentaries are in depth conversations about films, synced in time with those films, sharing interesting behind the scenes factoids, film interpretations and, of course, the familiar humor that one comes to expect from The Horror Duo of the Slaughter Film Podcast.
adverb & adjective
adverb: mondo; adjective: mondo

used in reference to something very striking or remarkable of its kind (often in conjunction with a pseudo-Italian noun or adjective).
"I think it's going to be mondo weirdo this year, Andy"
We chose to call them "mondo" commentaries because the word is fitting, but also it's a throwback to the swinging '60s in which the word was often used in conjunction with documentaries that focused on exploitative subjects. More mondo in film here.

Unnamed sources have referred to Mondo Commentaries as; "The poor man's RiffTrax" and "Bigger than Jesus", and who could argue that?!


Join the Horror Duo as they share their thoughts on Night of the Living Dead, the first modern zombie tale. They discuss behind the scene stories, filming locations, what critics have said about the ghoulish classic, as well as their own interpretations of the film and also the zombie films and trends that have followed.


The Horror Duo share their thoughts, memories and factoids about the futuristic sci-fi classic, RoboCop, directed by Paul Verhoeven. RoboCop is about "Omni Consumer Products", an evil corporation that exploits the crime of Detroit to taking over city and to privatize it's municipalities and it's police force.


Join the Horror Duo as they share their thoughts, memories and waked out futuristic time travel theories while watching The Terminator. The sci-fi/action classic about an unstoppable killing machine sent back through time to assassinate Sarah Conner and the futuristic soldier who loves her. It's a film about the


Join the Horror Duo as they discuss the totally bizarre and very deadly true crime story behind the film 30 Minutes or Less. Hollywood didn't set out to make a stoner comedy. Instead they set out to make a film about an elaborate bank robbery that went wrong, and with fear of a negative backlash and perhaps even lawsuits, they changed their tune. What's especially fascinating is that THIS crime took place in Slaughter Film's home town. So grab a beer and enjoy!


Join the Horror Duo and special guest Jos, as they get together to celebrate the holiday season and the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, with yet another Mondo Commentary. Much beer was consumed as the gang discussed the train wreck that is The Star Wars Holiday Special - complete with special appearances by Jefferson Starship, Bea Arthur, Art Carney and Harvey Korman...for some reason.!