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MONDO COMMENTARY: 30 Minutes or Less

Join the Horror Duo as they discuss the totally bizarre and very deadly true crime story behind the film 30 Minutes or Less. Hollywood didn't set out to make a stoner comedy. Instead they set out to make a film about an elaborate bank robbery that went wrong, and with fear of a negative backlash and perhaps even lawsuits, they changed their tune. What's especially fascinating is that THIS crime took place in Slaughter Film's home town. So grab a beer and enjoy!


PODCAST 283: Microwave Massacre & Blood Feast [Cannibal Dinner Party Edition]

The Horror Duo take on a pair of cannibalism themed films in celebration of one of America's most glutenous holidays, Thanksgiving! Forest shares his thoughts on Microwave Massacre - now available on Shudder. Cory takes a look at the world's first "splatter" film, Herschell Gordon Lewis' Blood Feast.


PODCAST 282: The Green Slime & The Ambulance

This week the Horror Duo have chosen to take on a pair of suggested films as a way to give thanks to all of you listeners...sort of. Forest shares his thoughts, and even defends the Japanese made space/monster movie The Green Slime. Cory totally throws giving thanks out the window when he discovered the Larry Cohen film The Ambulance, starring Stan Lee from Marvel Comics.


WRITTEN REVIEW: The Moose Head Over the Mantel

Some time ago I bought my first house. As I spent the first few weeks painting and doing basic repairs - making it my own, I kept thinking about all the things the previous owners and their families experienced since it was built in 1927. First the great depression, WWII, the Civil Rights Movement, the Red Scare


PODCAST 281: Brain Dead & Innocent Blood

This week the Horror Duo share their thoughts about a pair of films that have been donated to them by regular listener and filthy animal Anomalous Host. Forest discusses Brain Dead, a trippy paranoid film about madness starring Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman. Cory dives into the mind of John Landis while reviewing his 90's vampire/mob flick Innocent Blood.


PODCAST 280: Hack-O-Lantern & 31 [Satanic Sacrifice Edition]

This week the Horror Duo don their long black robes, and light their tall black candles and offer up a pair of Halloween themed film for sacrifice. Forest shares his thoughts on the straight to video 80's satanic slasher Hack-O-Lantern. Cory covers Rob Zombie's most recent film, 31, about powdered wig wearing aristocratic murderers.