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VIDEO REVIEW: Friday the 13th Triple Feature

Join the Horror Duo in their newly release, never before seen and long lost seventeenth episode celebrating Friday the 13th Parts 2, 3 & 4 - rounding out the first arch in the series of Jason films. Filmed in 2010 and 2011, then completed for all of you Filthy Animals NOW, on Friday the 13th!


PODCAST 316: Creature From the Black Lagoon & Sharknado 5

This week the Horror Duo return to summer creature features. Forest begins a Gill Man series, beginning with the iconic, and most obvious, Creature From the Black Lagoon. Cory returns to the American tradition that is, Sharknado with the fifth installment of this questionable series, Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.


PODCAST 315: Uncle Sam & Homecoming

This week the Horror Duo discuss a pair of patriotic themed films in celebration of Independence Day. Forest discusses the highs and lows of the questionable and often overlooked '90s pseudo-slasher Uncle Sam. Cory revisits the cable series Masters of Horror by sharing his thoughts on the Joe Dante directed Homecoming - a "post 9/11 time capsule".


MONDO COMMENTARY: Independence Day

Join the Horror Duo and special guest Jos, as they get together to celebrate freedom, independence and special effects! Listen as they share their thoughts on the sci-fi classic Independence Day, starring everyone's favorite '90s know it all, Jeff Goldblum. This commentary is packed with deep discussions about real life alien encounters, the truth behind hacking a UFO and the steady decline of the collective I.Q. of the summer blockbuster.



Welcome back for yet another Horror Pack Unboxing! This month comes with some pleasant surprises - some that we can all be happy for. First off is The Editor from those crazy cats over at Astron-6, then there is the stoner fairy-tale Hansel & Gretel Get Baked, followed by this months blu-ray exclusive, Pieces - hailing from the golden age of the slasher genre from Grindhouse Releasing. Are there only three? No, the fourth is Devil, a film that isn't bad, but has proven to be divisive among horror/film mans. Some love it and some hate it and for that Devil is this month's weakling. But hey, ya cant win 'em all and this is a pretty rad group of flick for the month of June!

WRITTEN REVIEW: You're So Cool, Brewster: The Story of Fright Night

The vampire creature feature Fright Night from filmmaker Tom Holland, and it's equally monstrous sequel have been fan favorites for over thirty thirsty years. Fans have watched and re-watched these films. Fans have gotten Fright Night tattoos and have cosplayed as Fright Night characters, and they have spend an incalculable amount of dough on t-shirts and movie merch. And what's funny about this rabid fandom for Fright Night, is that this same rabid fandom that it's creator, Holland, shares with them for the horror genre in general.