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PODCAST 256: Maniac Cop & The Stuff

This week the Horror Duo push Shudder to it's limits for week three of Monsters and Madmen Month. Forest discusses the socially charged slasher, Maniac Cop while Cory covers the consumerist satyr The Stuff - both film by legendary filmmaker Larry Cohen.


PODCAST 255: Colossal & Mother's Day

This week the Horror Duo continue their month of Monsters and Madmen. Forest sought out the Anne Hathaway monster flick Colossal. Cory celebrates Mother's Day by reviewing the 1980 Troma film about two backwoods maniacs trying to make their mother proud in Mother's Day.


PODCAST 254: The Mutilator & How to Make a Monster

This week the Horror Duo put Shudder to the test as they kick of a month of Monsters and Madmen. Forest begins with a film that he wasn't allowed to rent as a boy, but he has always wondered about, The Mutilator. Cory explores the American International Pictures flick How to Make a Monster


PODCAST 253: Terminator Salvation & Terminator Genisys

This week the Horror Duo polish off the Terminator franchise. Forest covers the only Terminator film set in the future, Terminator Salvation, complete with Christian Bale freak out. Cory discusses how he actually kind of likes Terminator Genisys, the most complex Terminator film to date.


PODCAST 252: Terminator 2 & Terminator 3

This week the Horror Duo move away from RoboCop, and onto RoboCop's natural cybernetic enemy, the Terminator. After recording a fancy fresh Mondo Commentary for The Terminator, Forest shares his thoughts and memories of Terminator 2, while Cory explains how he tried to enjoy Terminator 3, in spite of it's shortcomings.



Join the Horror Duo as they share their thoughts, memories and waked out futuristic time travel theories while watching The Terminator. The sci-fi/action classic about an unstoppable killing machine sent back through time to assassinate Sarah Conner and the futuristic soldier who loves her. It's a film about the