THE WRETCHED - A Witchy “Rear Window”

Using the “fish out of water” to introduce a movie going audience to a new setting and characters is easy to achieve. This is why it’s so commonly used in horror. Not only are the main characters out of their element, but this juxtaposition also illustrates just how strange, or dangerous their new surroundings are. We see this in flicks like; “Deliverance”, “Arachnophobia”, “The Conjuring”, “Amityville Horror”… Come to think of it, just about ANYTHING with a haunted house.

The new film “The Wretched”, from the brother filmmaking duo Brett and Drew Pierce (“Dead Heads”), dabbles in “fish out of water” as Ben (John-Paul Howard - “Snatchers”, “Hell or High Water”) arrives in northern Michigan to spend the summer with his father in a remote boating community where Ben’s father manages a dock and boating school. Ben has been getting in to trouble at school, and generally acting out since his parents separated, and this trip is to get him out of the city for a while and allow his father t…

REBORN - Barbara Crampton is "Phenomenal" in this "Modern Take on 'Carrie'"

The true classics of horror cinema never rest long before their grave is disturbed. Exhumed for a remake to cash in on it’s notoriety, or to be borrowed from, in part or in whole, for a new, younger storyteller and filmmaker to put their own spin on the subject matter. To modernize it, or to fit elements of it into a very different narrative – reinventing the use of the tropes that made that classic a classic in the first place.

Whether writer Michael Mahin and director Julian Richards realized it or not, this is just what they accomplished with “Reborn” - the supernatural thriller that debuted in 2019.

“Reborn” begins with Tess (Kayleigh Gilbert), a teen with a secret gift, who has spent her entire life a prisoner. She was separated at birth and kidnapped by a hospital employee, played by Chaz Bono of all people, and raised to the age of seventeen. Now a little older, Tess is able to put the pieces together that this lifestyle of theirs isn’t normal, and that he isn’t her family.

DEAD DICKS - "I Came For the "Dicks", But I Stayed For the Vagina"

There comes a time in everyone’s life when a drastic change must be made, hopefully for the better. For some it’s quitting a job, ending a troublesome relationship or returning to school. For Richie, the protagonist of the new Chris Bavota, Lee Paula Springer film “Dead Dicks”, this means suicide, but that’s just the beginning.

“Dead Dicks” chronicles the rocky relationship between Richie, a chronically depressed and suicidal 30-something year old artist, and Becca, his younger medical student sister who has spent the past few years juggling work, school and keeping Richie alive.

Recently Becca, Jillian Harris, has been offered a wonderful new career in the field of neuroscience (Something that should be, but is never later addressed), but is afraid to share the good news with Richie, Heston Horwin. With this new opportunity comes a cross-country move and Becca is worried how Richie will take the news, and if he can survive without her.

When she arrives at his apartment, she make…

SMOKE & MIRRORS: The Story of Tom Savini - "A Look at The Godfather of Gore Himself"

If you’ve watched horror movies at all for the past few decades, it is very unlikely that you are not familiar with the works of special effects legend, ambitious director, prolific actor and renowned stuntman Tom Savini. From "Dawn of the Dead" to "Friday the 13th" to "Maniac" to "Creepshow", the man is this century’s Ray Harryhausen or a modern Jack Pierce, and possibly on the same level as Chaney.

Tom Savini, the King of Splatter himself, is a man who needs no introduction in the world of horror, but I found the documentary "Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini" to be just as entertaining as it is comprehensive, spanning his whole career up to the point in time this film was made, from "Deathdream" all the way to his appearances at conventions in later years, as well as his more recent endeavors. The documentary about the gore powerhouse tells the tale of Savini, from his humble beginnings as a young Halloween-lo…

SCREAM, QUEEN!: My Nightmare on Elm Street - "Horror...The Genre For Outsiders...All Outsiders"

Horror has always been the genre of outsiders. Since its early days, horror movie monsters were treated as misunderstood outcasts or beings that needed to stay hidden away from the outside world. As the genre evolved, the films themselves became associated with all that was decidedly outside the mainstream so naturally, outcasts and misfits were the people most likely to gravitate towards it. But what happens when a film appeals to outsiders who are even excluded from the larger horror community? People in the gay community for example? What happens when a film's Queer subtext is so overt that it becomes impossible to deny or ignore. Such is the case of "A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge" and as a result of its intentional or unintentional gay undertones, it became the albatross around the neck of star Mark Patton. The new documentary "Scream, Queen!: My Nightmare on Elm Street" follows Patton's journey from social outcast to horror icon as…