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WRITTEN REVIEW: Christmas Blood

Just in time for the holiday season comes a Santa slasher from Norway – the home of many of our Christmas traditions. Most people don't know this but, much of what comes to mind when we think of Santa Claus is what some crafty Coca Cola ad man invented nearly a century ago. The true origin of Santa is rooted in the likeness and tales of the Allfather Odin. They both are remembered for visiting homes in the night during the Yule (winter celebration / Christmas) to bring gifts to children. They both have long white beards and wore robes as well as other iconic winter attire. Santa drives a sleigh pulled by eight reindeer, and Odin rides a horse with eight legs. I think Odin called it a Spider-mare. I'm sure that's right.


PODCAST 337: The Oregonian & Slender Man

This week the Horror Duo talk about a pair of films that seemingly have nothing to do with each other - other than being questionable. Forest finds his way into the surreal world of The Oregonian and Cory checks out the film based on the internet phenomenon that is Slender Man.


PODCAST 336: Train to Busan & The Wailing

This week the Horror Duo take on a pair of recently recommended Korean horror flicks. Forest takes a ride on a nice Train to Busan and Cory gets a dose of Korean suspicion with The Wailing.


PODCAST 335: Tarkan Vs the Vikings & The Club

This week the Horror Duo exhume the Thanksgiving turkey carcass for one final foray into Turkish turkeys as Forest reviews Tarkan Vs the Vikings. Cory covers The Club, another recommended film by a now nameless stranger.



With the recent release of Suspiria – the Luca Guadagnino directed remake of the 1977 Dario Argento classic – movie goers have been drawn to rediscover, or in some cases discover the original, all over again. This is undoubtedly a sign that the “classics” are classic for a reason. So why am I talking about Suspiria in my review of Luciferina? Well...


PODCAST 334: The Man Who Saves the World & Wicked Stepmother

This week the Horror Duo close in on Thanksgiving with another week of Turkish turkeys and fan recommendations. Forest wades through the legal quagmire that is The Man Who Saves the World (aka Turkish Star Wars). Cory finally catches up with a request from regular listener Aard, Larry Cohen's witch flick Wicked Stepmother. Forest & Cory also chat about what they are thankful for in 2018, in addition to Godzilla and the passing of comics legend Stan Lee.