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PODCAST 347: Horror Noire & Tales From the Hood

The Horror Crew celebrate Black History Month by paying tribute to an often under rated anthology classic, Tales From the Hood. And in doing so they put what they've learned from Shudder's new documentary, Horror Noire, to good use.


WRITTEN REVIEW: My Bloody Valentine 3D

The 2009 remake of My Bloody Valentine isn’t by any means cinema gold, and neither is the 1981 original, but it’s actually pretty decent as far as remakes go. It’s entertaining, it breathes new life into the genre while staying true to the original. That’s saying a lot right there (think of the Carrie remake and how bad that was. This isn’t like that. And that’s another review for another day). And this one stars Jensen Ackles, so I’m only a little bit biased. Only a little. Just a tiny bit.


PODCAST 346: Bird Box & Velvet Buzzsaw [Netflix Horror Edition]

This week the Intern returns to help the Horror Duo take on a pair of original Netflix horror flicks, both of which have been getting unprecedented attention. Forest roasts Bird Box, the film that may be the inspiration for accidental deaths all over the world. Rhiannon praises the satirical take on the art world with Velvet Buzzsaw, and Cory weighs in on both.


PODCAST SPECIAL: Top 5 Films of 2018

In January of 2018, the Horror Duo, Forest & Cory, planned to record a special edition podcast reviewing the best films of 2018. They would later do this in February, but that's besides the point. They have watched EVERY movie released over the past 365 days... Well, actually that isn't true. They watched most of them anyhow, and of them all, THIS is their definitive list of the best of 2018. Also included are their "Guilty Pleasure Picks" as well as Slaughter Film's "Stinky" and "Stabby" award winners.


WRITTEN REVIEW: My Bloody Valentine

While there are many many many slashers films in existence, and more and more keep being made, there are only a few that stand out to me in a significant way, and 1981’s My Bloody Valentine is one of those. It stands beside Halloween and Friday the 13th, and it deserves it (there’s various similarities and a few references to these films…but I’ll get to that). It is very underappreciated, and its 2009 remake actually wasn’t that bad. (I promise it’s not why you think.)


PODCAST 345: The Nude Vampire, Requiem For a Vampire & Lips of Blood

This week the Horror Duo introduce Rhiannon "The Intern" to the show for the long awaited Jean Rollin triple feature. Together they discuss The Nude Vampire, Requiem For a Vampire and Lips of Blood.