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PODCAST 321: Hereditary & A Quiet Place

This week the Horror Duo reunite after Cory's long vacation to discuss a pair of films that came out earlier this year. Forest discusses the unsettling and strange Hereditary. Cory covers the interesting sci-fi survival flick A Quiet Place. In doing so they also discuss recent horror trends and the dreaded jump scare.


PODCAST 320: Don't Go in the Woods & Don't Fuck in the Woods [Don't Edition]

This week the Horror Duo chat about the long standing tradition of horror films with "Don't" in the title. Forest watches the rather questionable Don't Go in the Woods currently available on Shudder. Cory checks out the bewb filled indie flick Don't Fuck in the Woods.


PODCAST 319: Carnival of Souls & Island of Lost Souls [Criterion Collection of Souls Edition]

This week the Horror Duo show their appreciation for the tortured souls of the Criterion Collection. Forest shares his appreciation for the spooky ghost flick Carnival of Souls. Cory revisits the works of H. G. Wells with the 1932 adaptation of Island of Dr. Moreau - The Island of Lost Souls.



Welcome back for yet another Horror Pack Unboxing! This month comes with another pleasant surprise - not just one, but two exclusives. Within this months care package is the modern wolf-man flick Howl, the undead western Dead in Tombstone starring Danny Trejo, Deadly Crush about a woman who has sex with a ghost that is also trying to hunt down his murderer. And last but not least, Model Hunger - the directorial debut of Debbie Rochon!


PODCAST 318: The Creature Walks Among Us & Mako: The Jaws of Death

This week Forest brings his Creature triple feature to a close with The Creature Walks Among Us. Cory departs from recent shark related stinkers, and turns to the 1976 Jaws-ploitation Mako: The Jaws of Death.


PODCAST 317: Revenge of the Creature & Shark Exorcist

This week the Horror Duo continue their discussion of films featuring deep sea killers. Forest watches the Gillman dish out some comeuppances in Revenge of the Creature. Cory scours the Earth for yet another facepalming-ly bad shark movie and he succeeded in finding one that worships Satan - Shark Exorcist.