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PODCAST 286: Possession & Better Watch Out

This week the Horror Duo continue their holiday fun with twisted families. Forest rants about Andrzej Zulawski's Possession, which he awards with his highest rating to date. Cory shares his thoughts on a newly released film with a holiday setting, Better Watch Out, which brings on a rant of it's own.


PODCAST 285: Eraserhead & Head of the Family

This week the Horror Duo cover a pair of family films, as we get ever closer to Christmas. Forest unites the art house with the grindhouse by sharing his thoughts on the iconic cult film by director David Lynch, Eraserhead. Cory takes the low road with a surprisingly entertaining sci-fi noir film from Charles Band's Full Moon Entertainment, Head of the Family.


PODCAST 284: Raptor, Repligator, It Conquered the World & Zontar: The Thing From Venus

This week the Horror Duo take on not two, not three, but FOUR FILMS! In a special Thanksgiving stinker blowout, Forest shares his thoughts on Raptor - the weakest of the Carnosaur films as well as Repligator...a film with "gator-babes" starring Gunner Hanson & Brinke Stevens. Cory takes on a suggested pair of films that have a supersizing connection, Roger Corman's It Conquered the World and Larry Buchannan's Zontar: The Thing From Venus.


MONDO COMMENTARY: 30 Minutes or Less

Join the Horror Duo as they discuss the totally bizarre and very deadly true crime story behind the film 30 Minutes or Less. Hollywood didn't set out to make a stoner comedy. Instead they set out to make a film about an elaborate bank robbery that went wrong, and with fear of a negative backlash and perhaps even lawsuits, they changed their tune. What's especially fascinating is that THIS crime took place in Slaughter Film's home town. So grab a beer and enjoy!


PODCAST 283: Microwave Massacre & Blood Feast [Cannibal Dinner Party Edition]

The Horror Duo take on a pair of cannibalism themed films in celebration of one of America's most glutenous holidays, Thanksgiving! Forest shares his thoughts on Microwave Massacre - now available on Shudder. Cory takes a look at the world's first "splatter" film, Herschell Gordon Lewis' Blood Feast.


PODCAST 282: The Green Slime & The Ambulance

This week the Horror Duo have chosen to take on a pair of suggested films as a way to give thanks to all of you listeners...sort of. Forest shares his thoughts, and even defends the Japanese made space/monster movie The Green Slime. Cory totally throws giving thanks out the window when he discovered the Larry Cohen film The Ambulance, starring Stan Lee from Marvel Comics.