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PODCAST 359: Things, The Thingy & Hellroller

This week the Horror Duo takes on three films that are highly questionable in nature. Forest & Rhiannon take on the indie made Things and The Thingy about demonic bugs and a placenta. Following in their footsteps, Cory shares his thoughts on Hellroller, about a killer on wheels.


PODCAST 358: 12 Monkeys, Donnie Darko & S. Darko

This week the Horror Crew dip their toe into a few time travel films. Forest kicks things off with Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys. Rhiannon talks about Donnie Darko, a film that made quite the impact on her and Cory follow that up with S. Darko which is the shit cherry on top of this time travel sundae.


PODCAST 357: Evil Ed, Lost Highway & Rubber

This week the Horror Crew take on three films that, to varying degrees, comment on the media and the filmmaking art form as a whole. Forest kicks things off with Evil Ed, a protest of film censorship. Rhiannon follows that with David Lynch's Lost Highway, which is said to be inspired by the O.J. Simpson murder case. And last but not least, Cory concludes this episode with Rubber, a "meta" look at movie story telling.


PODCAST 356: Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! & Night of the Lepus [Killer Bunny Easter Edition]

This week the Horror Duo chat about killer rabbits in celebration of the Easter holiday. Forest takes in Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! a throwback to '70s exploitation and Cory finally watches the lack luster animal attack flick, Night of the Lepus.


PODCAST 355: Hansel and Gretel Get Baked, Shrooms & 4/20 Massacre

This week the Horror Crew dive deep into the world of recreational drugs in celebration of 4/20. Forest covers Hansel & Gretel Get Baked starring Lara Flynn Boyle, Cory takes on 4/20 Massacre - a new slasher set in a weed wonderland starring Jamie Bernadette and Rhiannon kicks the party up a notch with Shrooms.


PODCAST 354: The Dentist 2, Eyes Without a Face & The Surgeon [Under the Knife Edition]

This week the Horror Crew take on a trio of medical related horror films. Forest returns to the world of Brian Yuzna with The Dentist 2. Rhiannon covers a French classic and Billy Idol song, Eyes Without a Face, and Cory watches and chats about The Surgeon - a movie that once aired on MonsterVision.